IMISCOE Maria Ioannis Baganha Dissertation Award 2015

IMISCOE has opened nominations for its 2015 Maria Ioannis Baganha Dissertation Award.

Eligibility and requirements:  
The 2015 competition is open to all PhD recipients whose dissertations were defended within the 24-month period before the deadline for submission of 19 December 2014. This timeframe is determined by the date of the official defence. All academic disciplines are equally eligible. In the case of co-authored dissertations it must be clear from the text of the dissertation itself what the contribution of the applicant to the dissertation has been.


12th Imiscoe Conference Rights, Democracy and Migration, Geneva, 25-27 June 2015

The 12th IMISCOE conference is to take place in Geneva, 25-27 June 2015. The conference will cover the theme "Rights, Democracy and Migration", and will be organised by  the Institute for Demographic and Live Course Studies (University of Geneva), the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies (University of Neuchâtel) & nccr – on the move.



Living Undocumented: High School, College and Beyond

Living Undocumented is a 17-minute documentary by Tatyana Kleyn and Ben Donnelleon that explores the lives of diverse undocumented immigrant youth to illustrate the realities, challenges and opportunities they face through high school, college, and beyond. It features 6 DREAMers, who portray the realities of the US immigration system and its impact on undocumented youth. The documentary is intended for all audiences, but with the accompanying lesson plan and resource guide for students and educators, it is especially useful in secondary classes.

Visit the website of Tatyana Kleyn for more:

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What IMISCOE does


IMISCOE has established a number of publication series, including books as well the journal Comparative Migration Studies. In terms of book publications, IMISCOE has established a reputable IMISCOE Book Series with over 50 books over the past decade. (how to propose a bookproposal) Most books  previously published can be found in the OAPEN library as well. All books are submitted to a rigorous peer-review procedure via the IMISCOE editorial committee. Furthermore, with the IMISCOE Textbooks series, the network also provides a platform to publish educational books for use in the training of graduate-level students pursuing migration, integration and ethnic studies. 



Throughout the year numerous IMISCOE events are organised, in the context of research clusters, publication events, PhD training, etc. The most important item on the annual agenda of IMISCOE is the annual conference, which has been organised every year since 2004 by one of IMISCOE's member institutes. This year's 11th Annual Conference has been organised by IUEM in Madrid. In 2015 the 12th Annual Conference will be organised by the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies (SFM, University of Neuchâtel)  and nccr - on the Move on 25-27 June 2015.



Over the past decade the IMISCOE RN has provided seed money to selected research initiatives. It has issued five consecutive Calls (2009-2014) for new research initiatives. The aim of these initiatives is to mobilize colleagues in order to explore possibilities of enhancing new research (by developing research proposals), of joint publications or other activities around specific topics as well as the establishment of Standing Committees for more long term research initiatives.


Training & Awards

Training of researchers is an essential task of the Network. By pooling the resources and expertise of its partners and members, IMISCOE facilitates the highest quality training for all Network members. It also makes long-term investments in the broader field by opening its training facilities to non-members. To this aim, the Network organizes annual winter- or summer schools for PhD's, as well as specific training modules at other IMISCOE events.


News & Newsletters

IMISCOE distributes news from the IMISCOE network as well as news from IMISCOE members (individuals as well as member institutes). The latter category includes news on activities, research, publications and events from members, as well as selected news that is important for the network members. Both types of messages are also included in the monthly newsletters of IMISCOE.



Submit an article

The journal CMS is currently moving to a new publisher (Springer). Due to this transition, there will temporarily not be an online submission portal. A new portal will be online soon. 

However, for the time being, you can still submit papers or special issue proposals, by sending a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please add a word-version of your manuscript to the mail, which is anonymized. Please also provide a 100-150 word abstract. 

New IMISCOE Research Titles

Secularism, Assimilation and the Crisis of Multiculturalism: French Modernist Legacies

By Yolande Jansen

Fall 2013
Amsterdam University Press
ISBN 978 90 8964 596 8
Paperback 336 pages


Marco Martiniello, Jan Rath (2014). An Introduction to Immigrant Incorporation Studies: European Perspectives

Martiniello, Marco and Rath, Jan (2014). An Introduction to Immigrant Incorporation Studies: European Perspectives. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN 978 90 8964 648 4


Educational Reception in Rotterdam and Barcelona: Policies, Practices and Gaps

By María Bruquetas-Callejo 2014  

View the full book in Open Access

The reception of newcomer youngsters by schools constitutes a policy issue in Europe already for decades. This book deals with how practitioners in Rotterdam and Barcelona apply existing policies for the reception of immigrant students, the dilemmas they face and the strategies they design as a response.



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