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Over the past decade the IMISCOE RN has provided seed money to selected research initiatives. It has issued five consecutive Calls (2009-2014) for new research initiatives. The aim of these initiatives is to mobilize colleagues in order to explore possibilities of enhancing new research (by developing research proposals), of joint publications or other activities around specific topics as well as the establishment of Standing Committees for more long term research initiatives. IMISCOE distinguishes three types of research clusters:

Standing Committees: This involves research clusters that have been established for a longer period of time, and have a broad programme of activities and a broad audience that they serve within IMISCOE.

Research Groups: This involves new research initiatives that focus on a very specific line of activity and a specific group of researchers geared to that.

Aspirant Standing Committees. These are in between the regular Standing Committees and the Research Groups: RG’s may develop in the course of time to Standing Committees, depending on their membership, activities and past performance.

Every year the IMISCOE network has a fixed sum available for seed funding. The funding is distributed according to the following criteria:

  • (Scientific) quality of the proposal/initiative.
  • Embedding within IMISCOE (has significant support been generated within IMISCOE to work on the initiative?).
  • Concrete plans in terms of developing new research proposals (such as proposals for Horizon 2020, EIF, ERF, ESF, etc.) or new publication initiatives (provide a concrete roadmap to a book or special issue).
  • Concrete plans for one or more panels at the upcoming IMISCOE conference in Madrid.
  • Priority may be given to initiatives that fill gaps in research done within or supported by IMISCOE and that identify new research niches in migration studies.
  • Co-funding by other institutions than IMISCOE is promoted and taken as a positive factor in the evaluation.
  • What has been achieved in the past year and how the allocated funds have been used;
  • The (revised) long term goals of the Research Group/Standing Committee and the concrete activities planned for the next year (and for the use of the allocation).


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