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NEW article by: Sébastien Chauvi and Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas


Becoming Less Illegal: Deservingness Frames and Undocumented Migrant Incorporation


Over the last two decades, research on unauthorized migration has departed from the equation of migrant illegality with absolute exclusion, emphasizing that formal exclusion typically results in subordinate inclusion. Irregular migrants integrate through informal support networks, the underground economy, and political activities. But they also incorporate into formal institutions, through policy divergence between levels of government, bureaucratic sabotage, or fraud.


Article first published online: 2 APR 2014

DOI: 10.1111/soc4.12145

Sociology Compass

Volume 8Issue 4, pages 422–432April 2014


Registration to the 2014 Metropolis Conference is now open


The 2014 Metropolis conference is to be organised by (the new IMISCOE member) ISMU in Milan, 3-7 November. Registration is now open at link.


REMESO welcomes applications for two positions as Doctoral Student in Ethnic and Migration Studies


Two positions are now vacant as doctorate student at REMESO. These are doctorates in Ethnic and Migration Studies – focusing on labour market restructuring and welfare state transformation in globalised societies. Deadline: April 30th.

For more information, see link.


IMISCOE welcomes five new members


As of April 1st, the IMISCOE Research Network welcomes five new institutional members. This brings the total number of IMISCOE member institutes to 32, the largest number in its history. The new members are:


  • Maastricht Centre for Citizenship, Migration and Development (MACIMIDE), Maastricht University
  • Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS), University of Copenhagen
  • Center for the Study of Migration and Intercultural Relations (CEMyRI), University of Almeria
  • The Instituto per lo Studio della Multietnicità (ISMU), Milan
  • Institute for Social Research Oslo (ISF), Norway



IMISCOE Research Network moves to Erasmus University Rotterdam


The coordination of the IMISCOE network has moved to Erasmus University on April 1st. To celebrate the transfer, a minisymposium was held on March 27th on the future research agenda of IMISCOE. Amongst others Rainer Baubock, Rinus Penninx, Elizabeth Collett, Izabela Grabowska-Luwinska, Andreas Pott, Marco Martiniello and Pieter Bevelander shed their light on future opportunities for the network. The event was opened by the Rector Magnificus of Erasmus, Prof.dr. Huibert Pols. Rotterdam’s Deputy Mayor Korrie Louwes concluded the event with kind words on the cooperation of policy and academia in the areas of migration and integration.

The transfer to Erasmus University was formalised during a special Board of Directors meeting on March 28th. The new Network Office in Rotterdam will be led by Maurice Crul (director) and Peter Scholten (Associate Director). Cees Jochemsen, Warda Belabas and Karin Milovanovic will be the new network officers.




Two Chairs in Sociology - University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - Department of Sociology and Anthropology


The Department of Sociology and Anthropology of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of Amsterdam University invites applications for two chairs (deadline May 4th):

  • Chair in Sociology, in particular the study of Migration and Social Cohesion
  • Chair in Sociology, in particular the study of Labour and Social Inequality

For more information, see link.


IMISCOE announces association with the journal Comparative Migration Studies


The IMISCOE Board of Directors has decided to enter an association with the journal Comparative Migration Studies. Given the importance of journal publications to the development of migration and integration studies, this association adds an important component to the publication strategy of IMISCOE. Furthermore, the association with this journal once again confirms the commitment of IMISCOE to promoting Open Access publishing. Given the developments in funding schemes like Horizon 2020 and in academic citation indexes, IMISCOE expects the demand for OA publishing to increase significantly over the coming years.

The journal Comparative Migration Studies was launched in 2013 as the first open access journal in the field of migration and integration studies. The journal encourages comparative and interdisciplinary work, in a way that is very similar to the IMISCOE network which confirms the strength of the new association. For more information on the journal, see

More details about the association will be announced soon, including a waiver of author-pays contributions for IMISCOE members. For more information on IMISCOE's publication strategy, click here.



Follow IMISCOE now also on Social Media


IMISCOE is now also represented on various social media. You can follow us on Twitter (@IMISCOE), where we will distribute news from the network as well as important messages from or for members. In addition, we have opened a Facebook page (, where you can follow twitter messages as well as more visual material on IMISCOE events. Soon, we will also bring IMISCOE to and to LinkedIN.


IMISCOE allocates seed funding to 22 research clusters


The IMISCOE Board of Directors has decided to allocate seed funding to 22 research clusters for the year 2014-2015. This includes 8 Standing Committees, and 14 Research Initiatives. Two research clusters this year achieved the status of Standing Committee: 'Ageing Migrants' and ' Education and Social Mobility.'

The Research Groups and Standing Committees will develop various IMISCOE meetings in the upcoming year, with a clear objective int rems of developing new research proposals or research initiatives. Also, all research groups and committees automatically receive a panel slot for the IMISCOE annual conference. A new call for initiatives is due in January 2015.

For an overview of IMISCOE Research Groups and Standing Committees, click here.

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