The collaboration of institutional partners of the IMISCOE Research Network is based on a Consortium Agreement. The latest version of the Consortium Agreement dates from 2014, when IMISCOE was taken over by Erasmus University Rotterdam.The IMISCOE Network is led by the Board of Directors, which delegates most of its tasks to the Coordinator. The Coordinator is supported by a Network Office that fulfils IMISCOE's day to day tasks, and by an Executive Board that prepares much of the decisions taken by the Board of Directors. In addition, IMISCOE has established a number of purpose-specific committees, like the Editorial Committee.


The Board of Directors represents the highest authority of the network and decides on the network structuring activities — the joint programme of activities, the allocating of funds and the financial accounting, any changes in the membership and appointments of new working groups. This board will meet at least twice a year. The Board of Directors consists of all directors of the partner institutes (or their mandated representatives), each having one vote in decision-making.

The Executive Board supervises and advises the work of the coordinator and the Network Office and prepares meetings and decisions of the Board of Directors. The members of the Executive Board are nominated by the Board of Directors. It will meet regularly by telephone or video conferences (holding eight to ten meetings annually).

The Coordinator and the Network Office: A Network Office, located at the headquarters of the coordinating member, will implement financial, organisational and other practical aspects of the consortium. The Coordinator of IMISCOE will lead the office. Currently IMISCOE is led by Maurice Crul as coordinator and Peter Scholten as associate coordinator. The Network Office is the administrative and organisational heart of the Network. Currently, the Erasmus University Rotterdam – Department of Social Sciences fulfills the role of Coordinator of IMISCOE. The Network Office the Executive Board as well as the Board of Directors and the Coordinator in the fulfillment of administrative and organisational tasks in accordance with the IMISCOE workplan and respective decisions of the Executive Board.

The Financial Committee serves as the Network’s auditing committee. The leading partner (Erasmus University of Rotterdam) administers finances of the IMISCOE Research Network and guarantees financial accountability. The task of the Financial Committee is to prepare financial control for the Board of Directors. Members are appointed by the Board of Directors.

The Editorial Committee guarantees the quality of the IMISCOE publications. This task includes reviewing submitted publication, advising on the structure of the IMISCOE publication programme and recruiting manuscripts.

Finally, IMISCOE has established a number of committees whose activities are related to more specific activities. This includes the Conference Committee, the Maria Baganha Award Committee and a Training Committee. Also, the Journal CMS has its own editorial board and advisory board that operate independently from the IMISCOE organisational structure to fully ensure the journal's independence.