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Erasmus University Rotterdam
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
The Netherlands
Erasmus building (A), Theil building (C) and Polak building (P).

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Welcome to Rotterdam

Welcome to Rotterdam, World Port, World City. Its port is one of the largest on earth. The metropolis with its constantly growing skyline full of modern architecture. Home to over 600,000 proud Rotterdam residents of over 170 different nationalities. They make Rotterdam the bustling and open city it is, offering a huge range of cultural and multicultural events, tourist attractions and a wealth of entertainment opportunities.

Why Rotterdam?

More and more tourists are coming to Rotterdam. They discover its modern architecture and experience the city’s buzz. They get to know the character of Rotterdam people and enjoy the city’s wealth of leisure opportunities.

Introduction film Rotterdam

What has Rotterdam got to offer?

You have to really experience Rotterdam. You can do this from a number of perspectives. Experience Rotterdam as a port city, for example. Nowhere else in the Netherlands is the port such an integral part of the city as in Rotterdam. This is obvious to the visitor from all the things going on around the water and indeed on it. You can also experience Rotterdam as a cosmopolitan city. The more than 170 different nationalities living here add so much to what the city has to offer the visitor. Its multicultural cuisine is just one good example. Experience Rotterdam as a city of architecture. Its skyline is peppered with iconic buildings, glittering architectural jewels begging you to take a photograph. You can also experience Rotterdam as a city of festivals. Visitors can enjoy the internationally celebrated North Sea Jazz Festival, the International Film Festival Rotterdam or the multicultural festival, Robin Rotterdam Unlimited, to name but a few. The best thing, though, is to mix all these perspectives up and enjoy the ultimate Rotterdam experience. Practicalities

Get to know and discover Rotterdam - check the Rotterdam Tourist Information if you want to experience Rotterdam at its fullest.


About the organizers

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is an internationally oriented research university with a strong social orientation in its teaching and research. Its scientists and students endeavour to solve global social challenges, drawing inspiration from the ever dynamic and cosmopolitan Rotterdam. Its academic education is intensive, active and application-based, and its research is increasingly carried out in multidisciplinary teams, which are closely interlinked with international networks. The research conducted at EUR is grouped into four areas of expertise – health, wealth, culture and governance -, is fundamental in nature and has a strong social bias. The nature of the research is interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary. The university hosts 2.817 employees and 24.678 students. EUR ranks 40th at the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for social sciences.

Various departments of EUR are involved in migration research, including Social Sciences, the Medical Faculty, History and Culture, Law and the International Institute for Social Studies. Together, these departments have founded the Erasmus Migration and Diversity Institute (EMDI), which aims to promote multidisciplinary research on migration and diversity. EMDI is also the coordinator of the IMISCOE research network; recently this coordination period was extended until 2022, with the support of the EUR Department of Public Administration and Sociology.