Over the last years, the IMISCOE PhD Assembly and Workshops have become an important feature of the IMISCOE Annual Conference. Organised by fellow PhD students, it provides PhDs with a chance to learn about academic skills of relevance both during and after a PhD. It is not only an opportunity to address issues such as academic publications or research funding, but it also presents a networking opportunity among IMISCOE PhD students.

At the 15th IMISCOE conference in Barcelona, the PhD Assembly and Workshops will take place on Monday morning, just before the official opening of the conference. Breakfast and coffee will be served at 08.30. At the Assembly, the work and organisation of the PhD Network will be presented. All PhD are thereafter invited to discuss current developments in IMISCOE and issues concerning PhDs within the network. If you’re interested in becoming an active member in the PhD Network, this is the place to be.

Prior to the conference, members of the IMISCOE PhD Network had the opportunity to complete a survey on which topics they would like to be addressed during the workshops. The majority expressed interest in the issues of “Academic Publications”, “Research Funding”, and “Critical Thinking in Academia and Benefits and Challenges in Interdisciplinary Work”. The morning will therefore be divided into three parts: (1) The PhD Assembly (2) Workshop on “Academic Publications”, and (3) Parallel workshops on “Research Funding” and “Critical Thinking and Interdisciplinarity”. Speakers will be announced very soon!

Day 1 Conference (Monday, 2d of July)

Part I 08:30 - 09:15 PhD Assembly (breakfast and coffee provided)
Part II 09:30 - 10:45 Workshop 1 “Academic Publications”
Part III 11:00 - 12:15 Workshop 2 “Research Funding”
Workshop 3 “Critical Thinking and Interdisciplinarity”
  12:15 - 13:00 Lunch

We hope many PhDs want to join us Monday morning in Barcelona!

Day 3 Conference (Wednesday 4 July) - Roger de Llúria Building

08:00 - 10:15 PhD - Intergenerational Feedback Sessions

The Intergenerational Feedback sessions are organised by the PhD Network and aim at bridging PhD students with experienced scholars in similar research areas. The goal is to provide PhDs with an opportunity to discuss their research projects with seniors in an interdisciplinary and international context. Besides the sessions organised during the conference, we encourage long term collaborations that can continue beyond the IMISCOE events. The call for participation for the 2018 edition of the IF session is now closed, but you can contact us for more information about the future sessions