This year’s conference received more than 500 proposals. After a rigorous review, the Conference Committee (chaired by Ricard Zapata-Barrero, GRITIM-UPF) has accepted about 275 proposals for over 130 sessions, including research panels, policy workshops, book workshops and a number of working sessions for IMISCOE’s research clusters and standing committees.

Besides the 2 plenaries (on Monday the 2nd and Wednesday the 4th of July) and the conference sessions, the conference will also host 3 semi-plenaries. These semi-plenaries will be held on Tuesday the 3d of July.

Expected keynote speakers

Rainer Bauböck

On Monday, the 2d of July, Rainer Bauböck will be the keynote speaker (opening session) followed by the Maria Baganha Award Ceremony.

Rainer Bauböck is Chair in Social and Political theory at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the European University Institute in Florence.

  • Location: Roger de Llúria Building

Mare Nostrum? The Ethics and Politics of Migration in the Mediterranean

The debate about open borders and the ethics of immigration control has suffered from a lack of distinctions. There are distinct normative grounds for refugee protection, admission of economic migrants and reciprocity-based free movement. Refugees have claims to protect their fundamental human rights. Economic migrants should be admitted if there is a triple benefit for the receiving country, the country of origin and for themselves. Free movement is based on agreements between states to promote international mobility for their own citizens. These three normative claims call for different policy responses. However, in the current migration across the Mediterranean flows and motives are often mixed and destination states contribute to the mixing through indiscriminate policies of closure. The lecture will explore the moral and political conundrums that result from this and will suggest that regarding the Mediterranean as “mare nostrum” requires a long-term perspective towards free movement.


Rainer Bauböck has a chair in social and political theory at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the European University Institute in Florence. His research interests are in normative political theory and comparative research on democratic citizenship, European integration, migration, nationalism and minority rights. Together with Jo Shaw (University of Edinburgh) and Maarten Vink (University of Maastricht), he coordinates GLOBALCIT, an online observatory on citizenship and voting rights. His most recent book publication is: Democratic Inclusion. Rainer Bauböck in Dialogue, Manchester University Press, 2017.