This year’s conference received more than 600 proposals. After a rigorous review, the Conference Committee (chaired by Birte Nienaber, Luxembourg University) has accepted about 168 sessions, including research panels, policy workshops, book workshops and a number of working sessions for IMISCOE’s research clusters and standing committees.

The conference will also host 2 plenaries and 3 semi-plenaries (see overall program).

Confirmed Keynote speakers

Jaan Valsiner, Aarborg University

Jaan Valsiner

Prof. Jaan Valsiner is a very experienced migration researcher and cultural psychologist with a consistently developmental axiomatic base to analyse any psychological or social phenomena. He is the founding and current editor (1995) of the Sage journal, Culture & Psychology and has published and edited around 50 books, such as “The guided mind” and has received numerous prices for his outstanding academic work.

Muli Al-Sharmani, University of Helsinki

Muli Al-Sharmani

Prof. Mulki Al-Sharmani is a trained anthropologist and will share her unique and large experience in the areas of the relationship between Islamic interpretive tradition, modern Muslim family laws, and Muslim gender norms modern diasporas and migrant family life, for which she has received numerous awards.

Confirmed Semi-Panelists

Ulrike H. Meinhof, University of Southampton

Ulrike H. Meinhof

Prof. Ulrike H. Meinhof is a renowned specialist in discourse analysis. Her main areas of research involve ethnographic research in European border communities, multimodal text analysis, ethnography and oral history.

Olivia Ruiz, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte

Olivia Ruiz

Prof. Olivia Ruiz received her PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley. She has carried out significant fieldwork and successfully publishes in the areas of international migration in Mexico and on the link between risk and migration.

David Sam, University of Bergen

David Sam

Prof. David Sam is a cross-cultural psychologist with research experience in medical anthropology and cultural psychiatry. He successfully publishes in the fields of psychology of acculturation and the role of culture in health while focusing on young immigrants’ psychological adaptation from a cross-cultural comparative perspective.