November 2019

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1. New PhD Representative

2. Inclusion of PhD students in the Standing Committees and Research Initiatives

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1. New PhD Representative! 

IMISCOE is happy to announce the new representative of the PhD network. As of October 2019, Isabella Trombetta has taken over the position of being the IMISCOE PhD representative.


Short bio

Isabella Trombetta is a second year PhD student in Global Studies at Universita’ per Stranieri Dante Alighieri in Reggio Calabria, Italy, where she is from. She holds a Master Degree in Global studies and a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and International Relations, both from LUISS University, Rome, during which she focused on migration studies. During her university studies she first explored the condition of second generations Italians in North America in relation to their heritage and their recognition as Italians. Her graduate studies developed on her previous work investigating the peculiarity of international cultural heritage in migrant communities. After she graduated, she worked for a year in the S.P.R.A.R. (Service for protection of asylum seekers and refugees) of Sant’Alessio in Aspromonte, a project for migrant integration in Italy.

Since 2017 she has been working with the search and rescue NGO SOS MEDITERRANEE, first as field communications officer on board the rescue ship Aquarius, and now as communications officer for the Italian branch of the network. Her doctoral research investigates the Mediterranean route to Europe from Libya.

In 2018 she joined the IMISCOE PhD network in the Networking group, and she took part to the 2019 IMISCOE conference in Malmo, Sweden.


2. Inclusion of PhD Students in the Standing Committees and Research Initiatives

The PhD Network is happy to announce that the Standing Committees and Research Initiatives within the IMISCOE structure are now inclusive and accessible for PhD students.

IMISCOE has recently revised its research infrastructure, updating the overall thematic scope of Standing Committees and of Research Initiatives, as well as their governance rules. You can find the list of the new Standing Committees, as well as their description, at this link:, while the list and descriptions of Research Initiatives are available at this link:   One of the goals of this reorganization is ensuring openness and accessibility to Standing Committees and Research Initiatives, in order for them to thrive in the future. To this end, if you currently are a PhD student or have obtained your PhD in 2018 or 2019, we invite you to fill a form (the link is at the bottom of the page), which has been designed to facilitate the prospective, gradual inclusion of early-career scholars in IMISCOE’s Standing Committees and Research Initiatives.

If you have obtained your PhD in 2017 or prior to 2017, please do not fill this form, as there will be future opportunities for more experienced researchers to join SCs and RIs (stay tuned!). This form is targeted for current PhDs and for those who have obtained this title very recently: indeed, we would like IMISCOE to provide younger scholars with the possibility to get acquainted with the work of other researchers in their same research area, thus favouring dialogue and exchanges among scholars at different stages of their career and from different disciplines within Standing Committees and Research Initiatives.

In the form, you will be given the possibility to express your interest for either one Standing Committee OR for one Research Initiative and to state your motivation to join the Standing Committee or the Research Initiative you indicate. The form also asks a number of questions concerning your research interests and information on your current position as a PhD student or as a young researcher having recently obtained your PhD (not before 2018). Lastly, the form asks for your name, last name and email address, if you would like to be contacted by the Standing Committee/Research Initiative you are interested in. As Each Standing Committee and Research Initiative has different work practices, goals and work plans, Standing Committees and Research Initiatives will be free to decide how to best reach out to and involve the PhDs who expressed interest in them. However, please fill this form only if you think you would then be able to take part, in the activities organized by the Standing Committee/Research Initiative you are interested in (e.g. by attending/contributing to your SC/RI’s panel at the IMISCOE Annual Conference). Do not sign up if you are afraid you would not be able to somehow attend or contribute to the activities of the Standing Committee/Research Initiative of your interest.

The form is reserved to current PhD students and holders of a PhD who have obtained their PhD during the years 2018-2019. If you fall within these two categories, please do not hesitate to start filling the form! You will have until December 6th, 2019 to fill it!   




Check out our Blog  for non-academic, yet inspiring and critical contributions, largely written by and for PhDs. Topics concern a wide range of migration-related themes, but also life in academia as a PhD scholar gets increasing attention. 

‘Division between doctoral studies in eastern europe and western Europe: precarity in eastern Europe’

by Luděk Jirka

Thirty years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, differences between the East and West of Europe still exist which often disqualify the “Easterners.”


by Natalie Bennett

Interdisciplinary PhDs are becoming increasingly common, particularly those which are based on a topic that spans many research fields.

Interested in writing for the IMISCOE PhD Blog yourself? Please feel welcome to contribute! You can think of pieces that present your findings, pieces in which you take part in a wider discussion on migration related topics, complain about or cherish your life as a migration PhD researcher or interview someone you find interesting on a migration related theme. Contact us at !

4. Stay updated!

We look forward to an enriching 2019/2020 and hope to see many of you at future IMISCOE or IMISCOE PhD events. In the meantime: stay updated and check out the


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