September 2019

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  1. We are recruiting! Vacancies in the IMISCOE PhD Network
  2. Report on the PhDs’ initiatives at the IMISCOE 2019 Annual Conference
  3. PhD Network’s Blog


1. We are recruiting! Vacancies in the IMISCOE PhD Network

As announced at the PhD Assembly at the IMISCOE 2019 Annual Conference in Malmö, the PhD Network is recruiting! As a natural turnover takes place, with many PhDs having already contributed for a long time to the PhD Network reaching the end of their doctoral degree, we need people to join our Working Groups and fill the following vacancies:

  • Workshop Group: 1 position as regular member available;
  • Blog Group: 2 positions as editor and 3 positions as writer available;
  • Networking Group: 1 position as a regular member available;
  • Teaching Group: 3 positions as a regular member available;
  • The post of PhD Representative: a highly rewarding (and remunerated!) role, as it means representing the whole PhD Network within IMISCOE!

For a comprehensive description of each of these positions and of their related tasks, as well as of the degree of engagement they require, please read our Membership Policy, where the structure and functioning of the PhD Network are described in full detail.

For the positions of regular member (Workshop Group, Networking Group and Teaching Group) or for the positions as editor or writer (Blog Group), please apply by sending a short motivation statement (max. 250 words) to the PhD Network’s official email address – - by 16 September 2019

For the position of PhD Representative, please apply by sending a short bio (250 words) and a motivation statement (600 words) to the PhD Network’s official email address – - by 16 September 2019. In your motivation statement, please explain 1) why you are suitable for the position; 2) what is your interest; 3) concrete proposals and ideas for the further enhancement of the PhD Network, or for improving the implementation of the PhD Network’ activities… If you have any question, please do not hesitate to send your queries to


2. Report on the PhDs’ initiatives at the IMISCOE 2019 Annual Conference

IMISCOE 2019 Annual Conference, Malmö, first day, first morning: 60 PhD students from a large range of disciplines have participated in 4 exciting activities organized by the PhD Newtork, with several invited experts sharing with us their knowledge, experience and tips!

Preparing an effective abstract for a conference (with Inka Stock and Lorenzo Piccoli), How to get research funding (with Nando Sigona), Teaching controversial migration and integration issues (with Johanna Neuhauser) were the themes of three workshops, while the fourth activity consisted in an Intergenerational Feedback Session, with eight senior scholars advising PhDs on their research and career plans in small group discussions.

We are very pleased with the results of the workshops: the PhD Network is reaching a great number of students and, according to the evaluation forms we circulated at the end of the sessions, most of the students felt that the workshops met their expectations and found them useful, with interesting speakers. Encouraging active participation in all sessions made all participants’ involvement both valuable and rewarding! We believe these are the reasons why most of the attendants said they would highly recommend the workshops to their colleagues. For those who had the chance to be there, thank you for your participation and great feedback! If you are keen on reading more about the activities we organized, please take a look at the latest blog post we published on the IMISCOE PhD Blog - IMISCOE Conference 2019: Report from a PhD!

We will soon start planning the PhD activities that will take place at the 2020 IMISCOE Annual Conference in Luxembourg! If you have suggestions on topics you would like to explore, please, share them with us via our social media channels - Facebook Group IMISCOE PhD Network; Twitter @IMISCOE_PhD - or drop an email at We count on you and hope we will see many of you next year!


3. PhD Network’s Blog

Check out our Blog for non-academic, yet inspiring and critical contributions, largely written by and for PhDs. Topics concern a wide range of migration-related themes, but also life in academia as a PhD scholar gets increasing attention. Latest blog posts regard both academic life, with a discussion on the invisible patterns of power in academia as well as advice on how to go through the final stage of the thesis defense, and reflections on topics such as how migration is represented in movies, or the presumed centrality of language as one of the cornerstones of “integration”. Interested in writing for the IMISCOE PhD Blog yourself? Please feel welcome to contribute! You can think of pieces that present your findings, pieces in which you take part in a wider discussion on migration related topics, complain about or cherish your life as a migration PhD researcher or interview someone you find interesting on a migration related theme. Be creative, write it up in blog style in 800 words, and send it to: An editor will get in touch as soon as possible.




Looking forward to finally leave the desert heat in the Netherlands, I am excited to join the IMISCOE conference this year. As it is the first international conference of my research career, I think this experience is going to stick with me for a while. We arrived a day early to explore the city (as the city of Malmö happens to also be part of our research project) and already bumped into some familiar faces, catching up until somewhat late in the evening. Waking up early in the morning didn’t sound like the most desirable idea – but after a few cups of coffee all tiredness was forgotten and we kicked off the day at the PhD Assembly.....»


Participants arriving to register for the 16th IMISCOE's Annual Conference


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