October 2015

Newsletter #09



IMISCOE Seed Funding for research clusters - Call for Proposals - Deadline: December 1st.

IMISCOE encourages scholars from the network to explore new opportunities for research, collaboration and publications. Therefore, it provides seed funding to the development of new research (by developing research proposals), joint publications or other activities around specific topics or new niches of research.


Existing successful research clusters and standing committees are also encouraged to apply if they can clearly identify why further support from IMISCOE is needed for new activities. For more information on IMISCOE standing committees and research clusters, see

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New PhD representative and workshop committee

IMISCOE is happy to announce the new representative, workshop committee and soundboard of the PhD network. As of September 2015, Juan Francisco Alvarado has taken over the position of being the IMISCOE PhD representative. Next to the new PhD representative, there are three new members of the PhD workshop committee:Floris PetersMaria Kranendonk and Silvia Silva. Finally the new PhD soundboard has 8 members: Elida Cena,Marion Fischer-NeumannSophie HingerMark van OstaijenIlona van BreugelGiulia RaimondoKristyna Peychlova and Ludmila Kopecka.



For the first time we asked participants at the 2015 IMISCOE annual conference to give us feedback on the organization and content of the conference. Some forty percent of the participants filled in the online survey. The average score out of 10 for the conference as a whole was 7.7 points. We also asked for written feedback and we received many helpful suggestions for the future. Read more




New titles of  IMISCOE books coming out SOON:

Editors: Ferruccio Pastore & Irene Ponzo. Title: Inter-group Relations and Migration Integration in European Cities: Changing Neighbourhoods

Editors: Anna Amelina, Kenneth Horvath & Bruno Meeus. Title: An Anthology of Migration and Social Transformation: European Perspectives

Editors: Blanca Garces-Mascarenas & Rinus Penninx. Title: Integration Processes and Policies in Europe: contexts, levels and actors



How to submit:
All manuscripts submitted to IMISCOE for consideration, will be submitted to a two-round review procedure. First, to be considered for publication in the IMISCOE-Springer Research Series, all manuscripts must be formally proposed to the IMISCOE Editorial Committee. This will provide an opportunity to see how the manuscript fits within the series as a whole and if submission of the full manuscript for a formal review would thus be relevant. Proposals must be formatted according to the standard IMISCOE outline.
Authors can submit this five-page document, saved as a pdf file, by email to Warda Belabas 




Comparative Migration Studies:

Special Issue entitled: "Family involvement and educational success of the children of immigrants in Europe. Comparative perspectives



Open Access

Family involvement and educational success of the children of immigrants in Europe. Comparative perspectives

Philipp Schnell, Rosita Fibbi, Maurice Crul, Martha Montero-Sieburth

Comparative Migration Studies 2015, 3:14 (6 October 2015)

Abstract | Full text | PDF

Open Access

Parental involvement and educational success in Kosovar families in Switzerland

Rosita Fibbi, Jasmine Truong

Comparative Migration Studies 2015, 3:13 (5 October 2015)

Abstract | Full text | PDF

Open Access

Passing the torch to a new generation: Educational support types and the second generation in the Netherlands

Sara Rezai, Maurice Crul, Sabine Severiens, Elif Keskiner

Comparative Migration Studies 2015, 3:12 (4 October 2015)

Abstract | Full text | PDF


Open Access

The educational supports of parents and siblings in immigrant families

Laure Moguérou, Emmanuelle Santelli

Comparative Migration Studies 2015, 3:11 (3 October 2015)

Abstract | Full text | PDF


Open Access

Behind the scenes: family involvement and educational achievements of second-generation Turks in Austria, France and Sweden

Philipp Schnell

Comparative Migration Studies 2015, 3:10 (2 October 2015)

Abstract | Full text | PDF

Open Access

“Is it Merit or Cultural Capital?” The role of parents during early tracking in Amsterdam and Strasbourg among descendants of immigrants from Turkey

Elif Keskiner

Comparative Migration Studies 2015, 3:9 (1 October 2015)

Abstract | Full text | PDF






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