The average score out of ten for the conference in Prague as a whole was 8.4. We consider this as a very good score.
We should keep in mind that only 16% of the participants in Prague filled in the online survey. We suppose this rather low score is at least partly caused by experienced problems in disseminating the online survey. We also asked for written feedback and we received helpful suggestions for the future.

The IMISCOE conference in Prague was attended by about 440 participants, which was the maximum the venue could accommodate. The online survey shows us that there is a core group of people who have been coming to IMISCOE conferences over the past years. But for about half of the participants this was their first IMISCOE conference. The aim to also attract a new generation of scholars has again been successful.

All aspects of the organization of the conference scored above the average appreciation of 8.4. This concerns the organization ‘on the spot’ as well as submission of abstracts and conference registration process. The quality of the conference booklet scored 8.4.

Regarding the scientific aspects the PhD workshop, the ‘regular’ workshops and panels received ratings between 8.7 and 9.1. We are very happy with this result, because we, as coordinators of IMISCOE, see these parts as the heart of the conference. Due to the limited capacity of the conference venue in Prague the selection of papers has been very strict and this may have contributed to the evaluation of the quality. In the written comments participants regularly advocate for more time to panels and fewer parallel panel slots.

Conference elements like welcome and closing plenary as well as social events met positive scores between 7.1 and 8.4. Scores in the same range were given to new content elements like semi –plenaries (8.1) topic lines (7.8) and facilities like availability of uploaded abstracts and full papers (7.8). We also received valuable suggestions on some logistical aspects as well as on catering. Coordinators will seek for further improvements now we have started planning the next IMISCOE conference in Rotterdam.