How long should my presentation be?

Your presentation should be 15 minutes long.

I have registered for the conference but it still says my registration is being processed. What can I do?

Please log off from the IMISCOE website using this link: https://www.imiscoe.org/conference/my-account/logout Now log on again using your credentials. If all is well you should now be able to see the information for each session.

I have completely logged off and now I cannot log on again. Can I be reminded of my username or password?

On the Login screen https://www.imiscoe.org/conference/login, below the form, you can click the links to be reminded of your username or to create a new password.

What is the deadline for registration?

The deadline for the registration and payment on our website for attendees is July 2. Please note that the registration deadline for presenters is June 15. A higher fee will be charged for all registrations after June 15. Those not registered before June 15, will be removed from the program.

When will I be able to register via the website?

Our registration portal opened on April 30, 2021.

Do I need pay the same conference fee as an attendee (and not present myself)?

The rate for attendees and participants are the same. The fee for attendees and participants includes a one-year IMISCOE membership. For all the benefits of an IMISCOE membership, please check our website.

Which platform will be used for the online conference?

We work with Cisco WebEx. WebEx is a safe and reliable platform that offers good features to make the IMISCOE online conference a success. You will receive an instruction manual on our website and we will offer presenters a training and trial session.

Can I join the conference on any computer without my own WebEx account, or do I need special equipment?

Yes, we can offer access to WebEx to all (registered) participants and attendees. It does not matter what sort of operating system you have and you do not need your own account. We recommend (standard PC/laptop) speakers for good sound. If you do not have a microphone and webcam, you can still attend and ask questions via the WebEx chat function. If you intend to present, you will need to have a microphone and preferably also a webcam (a standard webcam that is included in most laptops/PCs will be sufficient). Without a webcam, you can still use the “share screen” function to show a PowerPoint presentation, but you will lose many of the dynamics of face-to-face interaction.

I have a new paper/work that I would like to present. I was already accepted, can I present different work?

No, we do not accept new work. We do not have the capacity and time to go through a new review process but please do feel welcome to submit your new work next year.

Will the PhD workshops also continue online?

Yes, there will be some workshops offered for PhDs. More details about the program will follow soon. Keep an eye on our website!

Will there be technical support before and during the conference?

Yes, there will be support during the conference. But do not worry, WebEx is very use-friendly and we are confident you will find your way quite easily on our virtual campus.

When will I know in which timeslot my presentation is scheduled?

You can find the sessions schedule here. The final version will be released after June 15.

How do I know where to find the presentations that I want to attend?

We will have a booklet and a website coming up very soon.

I am still in doubt whether I want to attend the conference. Can I decide on July 7, 8, or 9 itself?

No, unfortunately we do not have the technical possibility to process payments and registrations after July 2.

I am not receiving IMISCOE emails, what can I do?

Please subscribe to our newsletter(s) in your personal IMISCOE account so that we can keep you updated. Also, please check your spam box regularly. If this does not work, contact the network office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When, how, and what kind of paper do I need to upload?

You can now upload your paper. However, this is not mandatory and we do not have a special template. We only ask you to please upload PDF files only. To upload your paper, please go to "Sessions" to find your session. You will find a "Paper" button below the abstract of the session. Please note that this option is only open to IMISCOE-members. 

Are there specific guidelines for presenters and chairs?

This differs, for instance, if the session is a fixed panel or workshop, but for individual paper sessions, they will adhere to the following general guidelines: - 3 to 4 presenters - 15 minutes for presentation, followed by time for questions - PowerPoint, Prezi, or any other presentation software is accepted - For special technical arrangements you can contact the technical support for your session - Check your own camera/mic before your session - All presentations are expected to be in English, but subtitles into more than 100 languages will be available

Will there be possibilities to make my presentation, workshop, or panel session interactive?

Yes. WebEx facilitates several applications to stimulate interactive sessions (e.g. use of chat, whiteboard, screen sharing, and face-to-face conversations). For information, please consult the manual and please join one of the training sessions.

Are there ways for me to manage technical aspects of my session?

Yes, you can align your wishes with the technical supporter who is assigned to your session. You can, for example, ask them to turn off the microphone, or ask for a practice session.

Do we need to send in our presentation beforehand?

It is not mandatory, but highly recommended to send your presentation to the technical supporter who is assigned to your session. In case of technical problems, they can provide a backup.

I will be active as a chair; do I also need to facilitate technical support during the sessions?

No, you can focus on the content. A technical assistant will be assigned to each live session. Supporters are trained to address the most common problems and will help you guide each session smoothly.

I am a session organiser but I cannot see my profile picture and MRH profile in the schedule.

Please give a few days for your registration to be fully processed. All profile pictures and MRH profiles will appear shortly after June 15. There will also be a full participants list, connected to the MRH expert database, available by the end of June.

Can I pay by invoice or bank transfer?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a payment by invoice or bank transfer. Payment must be made via our webpage during registration for the conference. After payment, if you require an invoice containing specific information, please contact the Network Office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I participate in the online conference?

Welcome, and wonderful to see you are interested in our conference. If your submission is accepted, you can participate by registering before June 15, 2021. Those who would like to join the conference as attendees only, can register until July 2. We do not accept new submissions.

I have not registered yet, but my paper/panel/workshop was accepted. Will I be included in the program?

Our registration portal opens on April 30. You will be included in the program if you register before June 15. Those not registered before June 15 will be removed in the final version of the program. People who register after June 15 will be considered as attendees who will not present. The fees for participants and attendees is the same.

When will we know more about the program (times, plenary sessions etc.)?

The complete program of sessions is available here and the final version will be published there after June 15, once all presenters will have registered.