Offsetting the carbon footprint of the 2021-conference
29 April 2021

IMISCOE 2021 is going sustainable! For the first time, IMISCOE will offset as many of the CO2- Emissions the annual conference creates by supporting the reforestation of the La Gamba biological corridor in Costa Rica.

We will offset the carbon footprint of this year’s annual conference. €5 of your conference fee will go towards planting trees in the rain forests of Costa Rica. While video conferencing does emit less carbon than f2f-conferences, nothing has zero emissions and a digital conference is not automatically green. It is still difficult to calculate exactly how much carbon emissions video conferences create, but there are estimates.

For example

A one-hour standard-definition video call consumes about 270 MB per person. The standard-definition video calls would emit 0.6 kg of CO2.
Given that one average tree absorbs about 10kg of CO2 per year, it takes the planting of one tree to offset a standard quality video call with 36 participants (which is appr. the size of an average IMISCOE panel session). (sources: )

We are cooperating with a local NGO,, which works with locals in Costa Rica on the reforestation of the La Gamba biological corridor (COBIGA) and which assures that 100% of the donations go into the project.

Thanks to your contribution, will be able to plant ca. 444 trees, which equals a tree corridor (please see light green areas on the map)! 


The 444 trees planted on your behalf, equal ca. ½ ha of biodiverse habitat and will sequester a minimum of 222t of CO2. These trees are ecologically valuable tree species from the Golfo Dulce region that provide habitat and food for many animals. The trees are cultivated on the ecologically managed Finca Modelo, which has been awarded the Bandera Azul, until they are planted and then released on our fincas in the La Gamba Biological Corridor and cared for for 3 years. In the course of their life (estimated at ca. 60 years), "intelligent trees" bind about 500-700 kg of CO2.


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08 July 2021
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