Anti-racism Working Group


12:00-13:30 CEST, 9 July

In 2020 IMISCOE took up the challenge to support racial justice with the creation of an ad-hoc “Anti-racism working group”, led by Parvati Raghuram including several IMISCOE scholars. Over the last year, the group has encouraged reflection on how race matters in migration studies in Europe and beyond in different ways. Conceptually, it has led to a seminar series where national patterns are compared so that we can all learn about the histories of racism. It has also instigated the production of teaching resources such as references and conversations on membership of IMISCOE and how to diversify its constituent bodies – for instance, its standing committees and board membership.


The Research Social Platform on Migration and Asylum (ReSOMA) is IMISCOE’s evidence-based platform fostering sustained, regular policy dialogue between European stakeholders and researchers and facilitating evidence-based policymaking. As antiracism is one of the policy-relevant topics identified in 2021, ReSOMA is collaborating with the Anti-racism working group to promote the debate on racism through the

#AntiracismIMISCOE event.


The side event is meant to feed into the debate on what racism nowadays in Europe is by gathering scholars interested and engaged in racism and antiracism issues. The event is organized as two parallel activities: a session at the IMISCOE Conference and a Twitter chat on Antiracism in the European Migration Agenda. Both are organized around questions regarding the place of the phenomenon of racism in migration studies, the contribution by scholars to antiracist agendas in migration studies, the contribution by civil society to the European antiracist agenda, and the mainstreaming of antiracism within the EU migration work.


Join online

Twitter storm @ IMISCOE 2021

July 9, 2021

Join the Antiracism debate on what racism is in Europe nowadays and which is the place of this phenomenon into migration studies, particularly considering scholars and civil society stakeholders contributions in counteracting racism. The event will take place virtually on the 9th of July from 12.00 to 13.30 (CEST time) and the Antiracism Twitter chat will be live on Twitter at the same time, co-hosted by the IMISCOE anti-racism working group and ReSOMA (@ReSOMA_EU) #AntiracismIMISCOE.


IMISCOE Statement on structural racism and racial justice in the context of Black Lives Matter

Migration scholars in the IMISCOE (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe) Research Network express our solidarity with the values espoused by the global movement against structural racism and racial injustice, not the least in the form of Black Lives Matter. We seize this moment to reflect further on ways in which we can strive towards racial justice and equality in our research and in our practices as a research community. We recognise that migration scholars have an important role to play in supporting racially discriminated scholars within our organisation, research and outreach activities. Towards this IMISCOE will:

  • Reflect:
    • Audit current activities and roles in order to develop concrete and time-tabled action plans for IMISCOE specifically and for migration studies in general.
    • Reflect how the network represents itself, i.e. its name and mode of organisation in external communications.

  • Represent:
    • Invite, include, and work with leadership by black and other racialized and discriminated scholars within the various IMISCOE bodies and committees.
    • Enhance the presence and participation of black and racially discriminated scholars at IMISCOE events and activities, including plenaries, keynotes, publication strategies
    • Improve citational practices in our research to highlight black and other discriminated scholars’ research and insights.

  • Redress:
    • Establish an IMISCOE Seminar Series to explore and address structural racism and racial inequities in migration research and improve support for anti-racist and anti- discriminatory research and researchers.
    • Setting up research initiative and/or standing committee on the study of racism, discrimination, racist and antiracist movements, and policies, while striving to mainstream these issues within IMISCOE more generally.
    • Facilitate IMISCOE’s interdisciplinary researchers to strengthen their teaching, pedagogies, and curriculum content so as to enhance critical perspectives on racism, coloniality, and discrimination and how these intersect with gender and class and other intersectional insights.
    • Improve access to IMISCOE activities and events for scholars in the global South, recognising that global divisions of injustice blocks and impedes scholars from Global South from participating on equal terms. It will strive to ensure that IMISCOE becomes a network of research institutions that is truly international in scope.

  • Review:
    • Publish annual reports on the progress made regarding the goals above reflected in IMISCOE governance and strategy, communications, teaching, and PhD training.

As migration scholars, we are part of a broader academic community in which the struggle against racism and racial injustice is important. We will thus strive to encourage similar actions within our universities and research centres.

  • Safe Space Rules for IMISCOE events
  • Our event is a discrimination-free and harassment-free zone.
  • We respect and listen to everyone.
  • We do not make assumptions about people’s gender, sexuality, nationality/ethnicity/race, religion or any personal matters. 
  • We present our views as our own thoughts and try not to speak on behalf of anyone else. 
  • We are open to new perspectives and to discussing with everyone. 
  • We try to contribute to a positive and respectful atmosphere in the discussion. 
  • If we disagree with someone, we try to raise the matter in a constructive, respectful and friendly manner.
  • If the situation feels uncomfortable, we raise the issue, for example, by informing the workshop chairs or the conference organizers. 
  • If you have any suggestions, concerns or questions, please contact the IMISCOE Network Office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.