Frequently Asked Questions

06 May 2020

Q: How can I participate?

A: You can always attend the online conference as an attendee. If you do not present any work, please register for the conference via our website before June 26th. If you want to continue your previously accepted paper/panel/workshop please fill in the Google form before May 20th AND register via our website before June 26th. Please note that we do not accept new work. Only submitted and accepted papers that registered via the google form and website will be included in the program..

Q: I already got a message that the IMISCOE annual conference will be postponed. How does the online conference relates to this message and the planned face to face conference?

A: Unfortunately we indeed had to postponed the face to face conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to see all of you in real person next year in Luxembourg on July 7, 2021. The annual conference in Luxembourg will keep the theme crossing borders connecting cultures. Furthermore, the earlier planned key note speakers will join us in 2021. We will however, open up a new call next year for panels, workshops and papers. To still offer our community the opportunity to support the exchange of ideas and knowledge amongst its members, giving them opportunities to present papers and get feedback, have panel discussions, and to support and inspire each other in these extraordinary times, we have decided to organize an annual online conference in 2020. Al the accepted papers, panels and workshop can be in the program of this online conference in 2020. The plenary sessions will address the current times with the topic “Mobilities and Immobilities in Pandemic times. By taking the step to go online, we believe to develop further and become more resilient for whatever the future will bring us.

Q: What is the deadline for registration?

A: The deadline for the registration and payment on our website is June, 26. Please note that the deadline for the Google form is May 20! If you want to present, you will have to fill in the google form and register online. Attendees who will not present only need to register via our website.

Q: If I want to continue my presentation, do I need to fill in the google form?

A: Yes, please fill in the Google form before May 20 so that we can include you in the program. Do note that you also need to register via our website.

Q: I have not fill in the google form, but my paper/panel/workshop was accepted. I registered online. Will I be included in the program?

A: No, if you want to be included in the program you will have to fill in the Google form AND register online via our website. People that only have registered via the website will be considered as attendees who will not present. The fees for participants and attendees as the same. If you have not filled in the Google form before May 20 but still want to continue your presentation, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible to see what the options are.

Q: When will I be able to register via the website?

A: The conference registration page is open once you've logged on to our website.

Q: Do I need pay the same conference fee as an attendee (and not present myself)?

A: The rate for attendees and participants are the same. The fee for attendees and participants includes a one year IMISCOE membership. For all the benefits of a IMISCOE membership please check our website.

Q: Which platform will be used for the online conference

A: We work with Cisco WebEx. WebEx is a safe and reliable platform that offers good features to make IMISCOE online conference a success. We will send an instruction manual and offer presenters a training and trial session.

Q: Can I join the conference on any computer without an own WebEx account, or do I need special equipment?

A: Yes, by using WebEx we can offer access to all (registered) participants and attendees. It does not matter what sort of computer you have and you do not need an own account. You do need (standard pc/laptop) speakers to be able to get sound. If you do not have a microphone and webcam you can still attend and ask questions via a chat function. If you want to present, you will need to have a microphone and preferably also a webcam (standard webcam that is included in most laptop/pc will be sufficient). Without a webcam you can still use the function share screen to show a PowerPoint presentation, but you will lose a lot of the dynamic of face to face interaction that we will have when we can see each other.

Q: I would like to continue my presentation and was part of a panel/workshop. My panel/workshop members however do not want to go online. Can I still continue my presentation?

A: Yes, although we prefer to keep the composition of the program as much the same as planned as possible, we do accept panels/workshop members to change composition or present individually. Please do keep in mind that we might relocate you to a different panel.

Q: I have a new paper/work that I would like to present (much more in line with the current affairs). I was already accepted, can I present different work?

A: No, we do not accept new work, even when it is more in line with the current affairs. We do not have the capacity and time to go to a new review process and prefer to keep the program as much the same as planned as possible.

Q: I did not registered for the conference in Luxembourg but do want to join the online conference, is this possible?

A: Yes, you are very welcome to join the online conference. However, because we can not accept new work you only join as an attendee and will not able to present your work if this was not accepted already. We do appreciate your participation in discussions and feedback on presentations.

Q: Will the PhD workshops also continue online

A: Yes there will be some workshops offered for PhDs. More details about the program will follow soon. Keep an eye on our website!

Q: When will we know more about the program (times, plenary sessions etc)

A: We promise we will get back to you as soon as possible. We strive to share the complete program in the beginning of June.

Q: Will there be technical support before and during the conference?

A: Yes there will be support during the conference. Moreover, everyone will receive an instruction manual on how to use WebEx and presenters will be trained and offered a trial session in June. More information will follow soon. But do not worry, WebEx is very user friendly!

Q: What is the theme of this year’s conference and how does this relate to next year theme? Where will my paper fit best? 

A: Next year the physical/regular conference will be in Luxembourg and the theme of the 2021 conference will be ‘crossing borders, connecting cultures’. However, this does not mean that the papers that were already accepted for this year do not fit the online conference. On the contrary, only accepted papers will be able to continue their presentation, which means that the content of the conference will still be interesting for everyone that had planned to come to the physical conference this year. The only thing that has changed in the content is the topic of the plenary sessions. During these sessions speakers will address the current affairs. We believe today’s circumstances are so exceptional that we cannot leave that out of the program completely, the pandemic affects us all. Therefore, we try to reflect on what it means to do research and academic work in our field during this pandemic. But this will be addressed as a topic in the plenaries (and PhD workshop) and not as a general conference theme so that submitted work will still fit the general program.

Q: I see that I have missed the deadline for the google form. Can I still attend the conference?

A: Yes, you are very welcome to join the conference. We encourage you to participate in discussions and think along with us. However, it is not possible anymore to register as a participant and present yourself if you have not done that already. We hope to enjoy your presentation during a next conference. 

Q: When will I receive more information about the technical aspects of the conference

A: We will provide you with an instruction manual and other information about trial possibilities in the third week of June. There also will be technical supporters present during each session to help you guide the session. Furthermore, there is a technical support room and telephone number open for all your questions during the entire conference

Q: When will I know in which timeslot my presentation is scheduled?

A: We hope to publish the final program by the end of the second week of June. Keep an eye on your e-mailbox and our website!

Q: How do I know where to find the presentations that I want to attend?

A: In the final program you can just click on the title of the session that you would like to join, and you will be guided to the right room automatically.

Q: I am still in doubt if I want to attend the conference. Can I decide on July 1 or 2 itself?

A: No, unfortunately we do not have the technical possibility to process payments and registrations after June 26th. 

Q: I am not receiving the IMISCOE email, what can I do?

A: Please subscribe to our newsletter(s) in your personal IMISCOE account so that we can keep you updated. Also, please check your spam box regularly.

Q: When, how and what kind of paper do I need to upload?

A: There will be a possibility to upload your paper via our website. This is not mandatory and we do not have a special format. We hope to open the upload box in the third week of June. You will not be notifed when the upload possibility opens so please keep an eye on our website.

Q: Will there be possibilities to make my presentation, workshop or panel session interactive?

A: Yes. WebEx facilitates several applications to stimulate interactive sessions (e.g. use of chat, whiteboard, screen sharing and face to face conversations). You will learn more about this in the instruction manual that will be provided in the third week of June. 

Q: Are there ways for me to manage my session technically?

A: Yes, you can align your wishes with the technical supporter that is assigned to your session. You can for example ask them to turn off the microphone 

Q: Do we need to send in our presentation on forehand?

A: It is not mandatory, but highly recommended to send your presentation to the technical supporter that is assigned to your session. In case of technical problems, they can provide a backup.

Q: I will be active as a chair; do I also need to facilitate technical support during the sessions?

A: No, you will receive a WebEx instruction manual so that you are familiar with the basics. On the live session a supporter will be assigned to each session. Supporters are trained to address most common problems and help you guide each session smoothly. 

Q: I see that supporters are wanted for the conference; can I sign up?

A: No, unfortunately, we have our team complete. We would like to make use of your help next time!

Q: Can I pay by invoice or bank transfer

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a payment by invoice or bank transfer. Payment must be made via our webpage during registration for the conference.








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