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Maurizio Ambrosini, phd
Born in Vercelli (Italy), the 7th October 1956.

Current position: Full Professor of Sociology of Migrations, Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences, University of Milan.

Maurizio Ambrosini, PhD in Sociology (1989), researcher at the Catholic University of Milano (1989-1998), was professor of Sociology of organization and Sociology of work in the same university, seat of Brescia.
From 1998, he became Associated Professor of Sociology at the University of Genoa, faculty of Education Sciences. In 2002, he won a comparative evaluation for a full chair in Economic Sociology, and from the 1st October 2005 he has been appointed as full professor at the university of Milan, holding the chair of Sociology of Migrations: the first chair in Italy as full professor in this field. He has directed many studies on immigration issues in Italy, funded by the Italian Ministery of Research and by several public and private institutions.

Others tasks and results:
- Chargé d’enseignement, university of Sophia-Antipolis, Nice (France)
- Editor of the journal “Mondi migranti”, first Italian Journal of Sociology of Migrations
- Member of the scientific committee of the Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies
- Scientific director of the Centre for Migration Studies Medì – migrations in the Mediterranean, of Genoa
- Director of the Genoa’s Sociology of Migrations Summer School, sponsored by the Italian Sociological Association
- Author of the handbook “Sociologia delle migrazioni”, Il Mulino pub., 2011 (2nd ed.), adopted as textbook in many Italian universities
- Coordinator of the Laboratory LIMeS (Laboratorio Immigrazione, Multiculturalismo e Società) in the Department of Social and Political Studies of the University of Milano
- head of the Italian team of the European Project ACCEPT “Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion: Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century in Europe”, FP7 Project, SSH 2009, 2010-2013.
- Consultant of the Italian Parliament (Schengen Commission) (2006-2007)
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