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Habilitated Full Professor (2012) Geographer, phd in Geopolitics University of Trieste and Paris-Sorbonne consortiated 1993; Master post MA 'Planning and Rear Estate' Polytechnic of Tyrin, I teach Geopolitics and Economic Geography (University of Sannio, Benevento Italy).
Hab. Full Professor of Geography and Planning, Department of Social Sciences. Geography Unit, University of Sannio in Benevento
2013 Primary Coordinator 7FP People Marie Curie IRSES 'MEDCHANGe' 612639
2013 Chair, Italian National Committee in International Geographical Union
2013 CNR- National Council of Research, Italy Representative in IGU
2012 Founder and Chair, International Geographical Union (IGU) Commission 'Mediterranean Basin' (COMB)
2009-2012 Coordinator, International Geographical Union 'Mediterranean Renaissance Program
Vice Chair, International Geographical Union Commission ‘Geography of the Information Society’ 2006-2012
2005-2009 Executive Secretary, International Geographical Union’s ‘Mediterranean Renaissance Program’-MRP
Associate Director, NETCOM-Networks and Communication Journal, Montpellier
Founder and Chair, Italian Network on Geography of the Information Society, Italian Geographical Society and AGeI-Association of Italian Geographers
2013 University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Invited short Visiting mobility, August
2011-2013 Arab-Islamic Geoconomics and Markets, SUN-Second University of Naples, Faculty of Political Studies 'Jean Monnet'
2010 Accademia de’ Lincei –Academy of Sciences di Israel: Visiting Research Mobility in Israel.
2010 People's Republic of China, Keynote World EXPO Shanghai 2010 Forum Commitee 'ICT & Urban Development', Ningbo Shanghai, May 2010
2010 Republique Tunisienne, Min. Education Recherche, CERES-Centre d'Etude Economiques et Sociales, Tunis, Mars 2010 Bilateral Cooperation Italian Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Tunisian Ministery of Foreign Affairs
2009 Short Visiting Mobility, National University of Seoul (Korea), Bilateral Cooperation Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korean Ministery of F