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Rinus Penninx is emeritus professor of Ethnic Studies of the University of Amsterdam. He has been involved in the field of migration and settlement of immigrants in several capacities. His report `Ethnic Minorities’ (1979) formed the starting point for integration policies in the Netherlands. From 1978 to 1988 he worked in Dutch Ministries in research and policy making on integration of immigrants in the Netherlands.
He founded the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies at the University of Amsterdam in 1993 and was its director till 2005. From 1999 to 2009 he was co-chair of the International Metropolis project. He was coordinator of the IMISCOE Network of Excellence (2004-2009) and the IMISCOE Research Network (2009-2014).
His major publications in English include `Newcomers: Immigrants and their descendants in the Netherlands 1550-1995’ (with Jan Lucassen), Het Spinhuis Publishers 1997; `Immigrant Integration: the Dutch case’ (with Hans Vermeulen), Het Spinhuis Publishers 2000; `Trade Unions, Immigration and Immigrants in Europe 1960-1993’ (with Judith Roosblad), Berghahn Books 2000; `Western Europe and its Islam’ (with Jan Rath, Kees Groenendijk and Astrid Meyer), Brill 2001; `Citizenship in European Cities’ (with Karen Kraal, Marco Martiniello and Steve Vertovec), Ashgate 2004; ‘The dynamics of International Migration and Settlement in Europe’ (with Maria Berger and Karen Kraal), AUP-IMISCOE-series 2006; `Migration Policymaking in Europe’ (with Giovanna Zincone and Maren Borkert), AUP-IMISCOE-series 2011; Integrating Immigrants in Europe: Research-Policy Dialogues (with Peter Scholten, Han Entzinger and Stijn Verbeek) Springer Open 2015; Integration processes and policies in Europe. Contexts, Levels, Actors (with Blanca. Garcés –Mascareñas), Springer Open 2015.

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