Videos from the annual conference 2015

The 12th IMISCOE Annual Conference took place on June 25-27, 2015 in Geneva. More than 400 researchers and experts met to discuss the interrelation between rights, democracy and migration in contemporary Europe. IMISCOE is now happy to present two videos of conference panels for all those who could not attend or who want to review some of the happenings in Geneva:

Video (1) Panel on Human Rights and PhD Award

Video (2) Panel on Rights and Democracy and Best Paper Award

July 2015

Visualization & audiolization of refugee movements

'Data-driven DJ' Brian Foo combined data, algorithms, and borrowed sounds to create both a visualization and an audiolization of refugee movements in the world between the years of 1975 to 2012. The quantity, length, and pitch of the song's instruments are controlled by the volume of refugee movement and distance traveled between their countries of origin and asylum.

Click here for the video and more information

February 2015

Will Kymlicka on solidarity in diverse societies

On 29-30 January 2015, the European University Institute in Florence and IMISCOE have jointly organized a conference on “Mobility in Crisis: Is Europe becoming more mobile during the economic crisis or is European mobility in crisis?”. It was opened by Will Kymlicka (Queen’s University, Canada). Watch his key note lecture on Building Solidarity in Diverse Societies: Moving Beyond Neoliberal Multiculturalism and Welfare Chauvinism.

Dutch children apologize for terrorism

Dutch children apologize for terrorismFilmmaker Abdelkarim El-Fassi, who produced the short video, explains: “I’ve never felt this uncomfortable while directing a video. Sure, it’s totally unethical and pedagogically irresponsible, and yet as a society we’ve practiced this on the macro-level for years. We’ve been talking certain communities into feelings of collective guilt for years. This has to stop, otherwise the problem will fester on for generations to come. I don’t want my nephew Hamza, who can be seen in the film, to be held accountable for matters that have nothing to do with him. He is a third generation Dutch-Moroccan. There is no justification whatsoever for him being treated differently from his white peers.” 

watch: Dutch children apologize for terrorism

November 2014

Living Undocumented: High School, College and Beyond

Living Undocumented is a 17-minute documentary by Tatyana Kleyn and Ben Donnelleon that explores the lives of diverse undocumented immigrant youth to illustrate the realities, challenges and opportunities they face through high school, college, and beyond. It features 6 DREAMers, who portray the realities of the US immigration system and its impact on undocumented youth.


September 2014

Road of a migrant

The film Road of a migrant follows a unique event for Ukraine and Europe – a yearly, 10-day-long walking Pilgrimage from Sambir (Lviv region, Ukraine) to Zarvanytsja (Ternopil region, Ukraine) dedicated to and organized by Ukrainian labor migrants and their family members.


Videos - IMISCOE 11th Conference

Watch videos of the IMISCOE 11th Annual Conference in Madrid 25-27 August 2014: opening plenary and the closing plenary.


August 2013

Pathways 2 Success - Educational kit

Pathways 2 Success is an educational kit with five short films portraying children of immigrants who walked their pathway to success.They tell us about the obstacles they surmounted and the chances they created. All of them have an inspiring motto to share with the next generation of students.

Watch the trailer

Brussels: Networking

Muhammet Yilmaz did not have any role models who could help him with school or choosing a study. His path to a successful job as a lobbyist in Brussels took many detours before leading him to where he is today. During his long, complicated search, he discovered the importance of networking. According to Muhammet, networking is making friends.

Watch the movie

Hamburg: Equality

Her mother was the first girl in her Turkish village to go to school. Bilinc Ercan, 31 and born and bred in Hamburg, has never doubted that girls can achieve as much as boys. For her, studying was an obvious choice. The day before this interview, she obtained her PhD in law.

Watch the movie

Amsterdam: Perseverance

Miriyam Aouragh, 39, was a girl from East Amsterdam, who wouldn't let anything hold her back. She took the long path from lower vocational track secondary school, to middle vocational education, progressing on to higher vocational education before finally reaching university. She has a PhD in Anthropology. Miriyam's motto is: look further, don't let anything hold you back, get off the beaten track. She now works in Oxford, England and has just won the prestigious Leverhulm research scholarship.

Watch the movie

Rotterdam: Connecting

Halil Karaaslan chose to become the type of teacher that he so badly wanted when he was at school. As a social studies teacher, he draws strength and inspiration from his Turkish and Muslim background to help him communicate with today's mixed classrooms. Bruce Lee was Halil's role model when he was at school, and Halil now realizes that he is also someone who builds bridges between East and West as he helps his pupils to understand themselves and each other.

Watch the movie

Paris: Constructing

Youness Bourimech was born and bred in a suburb in the French capital. He was 20 before he realised that he lived only four miles from the metropolitan city of Paris. This changed his view of the world, but Youness is still attached to his neighbourhood, he chose to build his company in the Bondy neighbourhood.

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