As of September 2016, Carmen C. Draghici replaced Juan Francisco Alvarado as the representative of the IMISCOE PhD Network. She was appointed as the PhD Representative of the IMISCOE PhD Network for the period 2016-2017.

Short-Bio of the new PhD Representative

Carmen C. Draghici is a PhD candidate at University Paris 13-Sorbonne Paris Cite, in France. Her project in Education Sciences focuses on early childhood education and migration in France, and aims to analyse everyday experiences of children of migrants in école maternelle.  She obtained her master degree in Education Training and Social Inclusion at University Paris 13-Sorbonne Paris Cite, and engaged in UNESCO’s projects at the Department of ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education), in Paris, as well as in the non-profit organization Secours Catholique in projects with Roma children and their families in Parisian slums. Inside IMISCOE, Carmen C Draghici is member of the Research Initiative “Migrant youth and families and their intergenerational and everyday experiences”.