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Interrogating the ‘Refugee Crisis’ - REMESO Graduate School Spring 2016

9 May–10 June 2016, on-campus week in Norrköping 23–27 May
Course Director: Professor Peo Hansen

This course interrogates the current ‘refugee crisis’; and as such it sets out by scrutinizing to what extent this is actually an accurate rubric in the first place.

In contrast to much of the current debate, this means that the course does not perceive of the refugees – as in their numbers or in the financing of their reception in for instance the EU – as the primary cause of the crisis. Rather, the focus will be placed on a set of factors, dynamics and causes that both help us explain why so many people around the world are fleeing today and why the European Union and OECD countries at large want to minimize their responsibility. May the ‘Refugee Crisis’ be better understood as a political, geo-political or economic crisis? And how do we make sense of EU and state refugee policies and practices in relation to securitisation and labour migration demand? In addition to this, the course also attends to historical factors as well as the institute of asylum itself.

Lecturers: Professor Peo Hansen, Professor Stefan Jonsson, Professor Charles Woolfson, Associate Professor Branka Likic-Brboric, Associate Professor Anders Neergaard and Research Fellow Anna Bredström

Confirmed Guest lecturer: Professor Gregor Noll, Chair of International Law at the Faculty of Law, Lund University.

Application deadline 18 April 2016

  • REMESO Graduate School courses are offered to PhD- and advanced MA students.
  • 5 weeks of full-time work for 7.5 ECTS. One intensive week at REMESO, Campus Norrköping.
  • Courses are usually examined by a paper assignment.
  • Accommodation is provided for all course participants during on-campus week.
  • There are also a few travel grants available for members in Nordic Migration Research and IMER-förbundet:;

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