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Discount for new book on Nordic Populism by Anders Hellström

Anders Hellström, Associate Professor in Political Science at Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity, and Welfare, has recently published a new book entitled: Trust Us. Reproducing the Nation and the Scandinavian Nationalist Populist Parties (Berghahn Books). Please note that for the next 30 days a 50% discount is offered in case you want to purchase the book. Code HEL279 can be used when an order is placed via book webpage. Simply enter the code at checkout. 

About the book

In Scandinavia, there is separation in the electorate between those who embrace diversity and those who wish for tighter bonds between people and nation. This book focuses on three nationalist populist parties in Scandinavia—the Sweden Democrats, the Progress Party in Norway, and the Danish People’s Party. In order to affect domestic politics by addressing this conflict of diversity versus homogeneity, these parties must enter the national parliament while earning the nation’s trust. Of the three, the Sweden Democrats have yet to earn the trust of the mainstream, leading to polarized and emotionally driven public debate that raises the question of national identity and what is understood as the common man.