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At least five Post Doctorate Positions in Refugee Research

Post Doctorate positions at the Faculty of Culture and Society (KS) and the Faculty of Health and Society (HS) at Malmö University, Sweden.

Application deadline: 14 March 2016


The current refugee situation is a moving target of rapidly changing patterns, consequences and societal reactions which beg scientific analysis and explanation. It constitutes the largest displacement of people on European soil since the Second World War. As such it will have profound and lasting social, political and economic implications in both Europe and the countries of origin. Malmö University has from an early stage been engaged in raising awareness and disseminating knowledge through the project Malmö University for refugees. As an additional step of this humanitarian and academic commitment the university hereby announces at least five two-year post doctorate positions in research on refugee migration to Europe. The positions are further subdivided into several thematic orientations: Refugee migration, media and communication, Refugee migration and governance, Refugee migration and care science, Refugee migration and criminology, and Refugee migration and social work.

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