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Highly Skilled Migrants: A Future Research Agenda (Workshop Schedule)

Workshop at the 13th IMISCOE Conference organised by Maja Povrzanović Frykman (MIM/GPS, Malmö University) on behalf of TRANSMIG research group:

Saturday, 2 July 2016, 9.00-12.30, Albertov 6, Room A23

9.00 – 10.30 (session 72)

Welcome and introduction (MAJA POVRZANOVIĆ FRYKMAN)

All participatns introduce themselves:

RAISA AKIFYEVA (Higher School of Economics National Research University, St. Petersburg), ANA MARÍA ARAGONÉS-CASTAÑER (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México); ANELISE GOMES DE ARAUJO (Universityof Vienna), MAREN BORKERT (Technical University Berlin), JANINE DAHINDEN (University of Neuchâtel), BARBARA DELLWO (University of Lausanne), DORINA DEDGJONI (Fulda University of Applied Sciences), INGRIDA GECIENE (Lithuanian Social Research Centre), NATALIE HEROLD (Southern Cross University, Australia), RUSSELL KING (University of Sussex), REY KOSLOWSKI (University at Albany), ANTONINA LEVATINO (INED, Paris), TATIANA MAXIMOVA-MENTZONI (Work research institute Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences), IRINA MOLODIKOVA (Central European University, Budapest), LAURA MOROSANU (University of Sussex), MARTA MOSKAL (University of Glasgow), KATARINA MOZETIČ (University of Oslo), ECKART MÜLLER-BACHMANN (CJD, Kiel), ASHIKA NIRAULA (Aarhus University), ERIK OLSSON (Stockholm University), JÖRG PLÖGER(ILS, Dortmund), JAKOB JAN PODRAZA (Roskilde University),  PARVATI RAGHURAM (Open University), JOANA DE SOUSA RIBEIRO (University of Coimbra), ROMINA SEMINARIO (University of Lausanne), ALEKSANDRA WÓJCICKA (Warsaw University), YANA YOVCHEVA (University of Graz), JELENA ZIKIC (York University, Toronto)

The following brief presentations noted below will open up for discussions.

PARVATI RAGHURAM (Professor, Geography and Migration, Director of Open Space Research Centre, Open University): Definitions, terminology, questions arising, data sets and relationship between different kinds of migrant streams as they relate to highly skilled migrants


RUSSELL KING (Professor, Department of Geography and Sussex Centre for Migration Research, University of Sussex): Internal and international migration


10.30 – 11.00  Coffee break

11.00 – 12.30 (session 19)

JANINE DAHINDEN (Professor, MAPS, Laboratory of Transnational Studies, University of Neuchâtel): International migration and highly skilled mobility? Concepts, cross-fertilizations, questions

JELENA ZIKIC (Associate Professor, School of Human Resource Management, York University, Toronto): Professional identity and career capital diversity: individual, organisational, and policy perspectives