Where: Instituto Cervantes, Utrecht, Netherlands

Conference: EU at the crossroads of migration: critical reflections on the ‘refuge crisis’ and new migration deals


Prof. Dr. Dina Siegel, Dr. Veronika Nagy and Dr. Nilay Kavur (Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology, Utrecht University),
Dr. Hanneke van Eijken (Utrecht University School of Law-International and European Law),
Prof. Dr. Annelies Zoomers and Dr. Ilse van Liempt (Human Geography and Planning, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University)


In 2018, the EU finds itself on the crossroads of migration management. On the one hand, there is an impression that the so-called refugee crisis is over, on the other hand, the dramatic images in the (social) media present a different reality. Although the local and national authorities have emphasized the need for a coordinated, centralized governance on supranational level, many Member States are unwilling to share the burden of asylum protection defined by the European Commission. The EU migration agenda is increasingly externalizing its responses to the growing migration flow and pushing the responsibilities of Member States outside of the Schengen borders.

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You are invited to send panel proposals and individual paper abstracts before 1st of February 2018.
Participants will be notified by 1st of March 2018.