Where: Thessaloniki, Greece

Conference: Refugee and Migrant Crisis: New challenges of integration - 25 June – 3 July 2018


The University of Sheffield International Faculty CITY College
The University of Sheffield Department of Politics
The University of Sheffield Department of Sociological Studies

Learn, Experience & Volunteer

Have we moved from the post-2014 refugee and migrant crisis management to refugee integration in Europe or are we still in a transitional state? What are the new challenges that arise? How does the migrant crisis connect with the different socio-economic and political crises occurring in wider Europe? How does that affect the day to day life of people residing in refugee sites?

Attend lectures on migration and integration, listen to real life experiences, views and insights from people working in NGOs and public authorities managing migration flows and integration in Greece and volunteer on site with an NGO.

Our Focus

The summer school focuses on making students aware of the post-2014 migrant crisis, its wider political, economic and social implications and the new challenges rising from refugee integration, through a series of lectures, workshops, guest speeches and volunteering.


Application Deadline:
31 March 2018

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