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Call for Participation - IMISCOE PhD Network

Where: 15th Annual Imiscoe Conference, Barcelona, 2-4 July, 2018

Intergenerational Feedback (IF) – PhD sessions in Barcelona 2018


As part of the 15th IMISCOE Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain (02.07-04.07), we invite PhD students to participate in our Sessions – Intergenerational Feedback (IF). Building on the success of the first edition of “Intergenerational Feedback” sessions at the 2017 Annual Conference, the IMISCOE PhD network reorganizes them.

The aim is to connect PhD students with senior scholars within the IMISCOE network for an intergenerational dialogue across diverse disciplines from social anthropology to sociology, from human geography to economics, and beyond. These sessions target PhD students at different stages of their research – beginning, intermediate, and advanced. We aim at providing a platform for constructive discussions, where PhD students will both receive feedback from experienced scholars on the theoretical and methodological frameworks of their research and provide constructive feedback to their peers. In an informal, yet productive and enriching setting, sessions will take the form of small-group discussions. Every student will present her or his project during the sessions and will receive feedback from the senior scholar and other participants in their group. PhD students who wish to take part in the session are kindly requested to submit a proposal by February, 15th, 2018 that includes:

a) An extended abstract (max. 750 words) that mentions theoretical, methodological framework and first results (where is the case) of the PhD research project;
b) A concrete question related to their PhD project they want feedback on.

Participants, once accepted, will be notified by the end of March, and be provided with abstracts of other PhD students in the same group, as well as information on their senior counterpart.

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