Workshop “Migrants’ Access to Welfare in Times of Crisis: Policy Transformations and Migrants’ Experiences in the EU”, chaired by Jean-Michel Lafleur and Eloisa del Pino.


Date: 8-12 April 2019

Location: Mons campus of Université Catholique de Louvain, Mons- Belgium

Deadline for paper proposals: 3rd of December 2018



In this workshop, the aim is to study the recent transformations of welfare policies towards EU and non-EU migrants in Europe and their impact on migrants’ lives. Among other topics, we particularly welcome proposals focusing on welfare systems’ adjustment to mobility, on social protection needs as drivers of migration decisions, on migrants’ individual experiences in accessing social protection in Europe and/or in their country of origin; and on the supranational (EU, ILO…) and electoral dimension (e.g. welfare chauvinism) of these issues. 

The call for papers and further practical details can be found on the ECPR’s website .