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Call for applications for a postdoctoral researcher in ERC funded project on Migration and Democratic Diffusion

Deadline: 21.01.2020

Project/research context

The postdoctoral researcher will be part of a team researching the impact of migration on democratic participation and processes in countries of origin.

The research strategy of the MIGRADEMO project combines analysis of processes of democratic diffusion across three countries of origin and at three levels of democratic participation and processes: individual citizens, civil society and among political leaders and representatives. The case studies are Turkey, Morocco, and Romania. The project will analyse already existing aggregate data on remittances and political behaviour and, importantly, generate new comprehensive datasets based on both surveys and in-depth qualitative research among non-migrants and returnees in countries of origin, civil society leaders and the political elite.  The project will contribute to our understanding of the conditions under which migration can influence democratic processes as well as the broader research fields of democracy, migration, and citizenship.

The project will be carried out until 2023 by an interdisciplinary team of the PI, 3 postdocs and 1 PhD student. Candidates interested in applying for externally funded postdoctoral positions related to any aspect of the research agenda on migration and democracy are welcome to contact the PI. Expressions of interest in the upcoming calls for the Juan de la Cierva and Ramon y Cajal postdocs are welcome until 3/1 2020 (12.00 pm CET) .

Application deadline: 21/1 2020

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