Category: IMISCOE Reports Series
Publisher: AUP
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9789053566893
Year: 2008


In Europe immigration is a politically burning issue, especially when it comes to the arrival of asylum seekers and illegal labour migrants. Governments want to keep them under control in order to limit their numbers. Yet, traditionally there were strong differences between European states in the extent to which they sought to do so and the instruments employed to that end. Currently, the contours become visible of a common approach towards - notably irregular - migration. This becomes clear from the country studies comprising this volume.


Jeroen Doomernik and Michael Jandl

Report from Austria
Michael Jandl

Report from Belgium
Sonia Gsir

Report from France
Frédéric Coste

Report from Germany
Birgit Glorius

Report from Italy
Ferruccio Pastore

Report from the Netherlands
Jeroen Doomernik

Report from Spain
Rosa Aparicio Gómez and José María Ruiz de Huidobro De Carlos

Report from Switzerland
Paolo Ruspini

Report from the United Kingdom
Franck Düvell

Jeroen Doomernik and Michael Jandl

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