Category: IMISCOE Reports Series
Publisher: AUP
Pages: 153
ISBN: 9789053569900
Year: 2007


Based on the strengths of combined ideas from migration researchers, policy experts, and representatives of international organisations, this timely volume provides eight basic principles for the design of innovative migration policy. Presents new proposals for innovative migration policies.


Introduction and overview
Michael Jandl, ICMPD

Temporary Migration Programmes: potential, problems and prerequisites
Jeff Crisp, UNHCR

A new European employment migration policy
Teun J.P. van Os van den Abeelen, ACVZ

People Flow revisited: constructive management of changing patterns of migration
Theo Veenkamp, DEMOS

Towards sustainable migration policies
Franck Düvell, COMPAS

Co-development: a myth or a workable policy approach?
Jonathan Chaloff, CeSPI

Imagining policy as a means to innovation: the case for a mobile middle-aged
John Davies, SCMR

In-country ‘refugee’ processing arrangements: a humanitarian alternative?
Judith Kumin, UNHCR Brussels

Open borders, close monitoring
Jeroen Doomernik, IMES

The Development Visa Scheme revisited
Michael Jandl, ICMPD

Pricing entrance fees for migrants
Holger Kolb, IMIS

Michael Jandl, ICMPD

Conference report
Rapporteurs: Haleh Chahrokh, Radoslaw Stryjewski and Brigitte Suter, ICMPD

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