Category: Journal CMS
Publisher: Springer
Library: Journal Comparative Migration Studies
Year: 2020


This special collection aims to advance the current debates on transnational social protection further by showing the ways in which formal and informal social protection, which usually are treated as separate entities, intersect and reinforce inequalities on a transnational level. Contributions to this special collection aim to draw attention to the complexity of processes through which gender intersects with other social categories, such as ethnicity, age, migrant status, and class, in the realm of formal and informal social protection. In doing so, the publications aim to avoid methodological nationalism and static, localized views on gender, ethnicity, and class. Therefore, all the contributions in this issue are concerned with the central questions: (1) What is expected of men and women in terms of transnational social protection and how do these affect gendered life chances in transnational social spaces? 2) How does this negotiation of social protection influence gender roles and (in-)equalities? (3) Do different areas of social protection, such as healthcare, childcare or financial exchanges have different gendered dynamics?


  1. Editorial
    Gendered dynamics of transnational social protection
    Başak Bilecen, Karolina Barglowski, Thomas Faist & Eleonore Kofman -
  2. Mapping differential vulnerabilities and rights: ‘opening’ access to social protection for forcibly displaced populations
    Rachel Sabates-Wheeler - 
  3. The more things change, the more they stay the same? The impact of formalising policies on personalisation in paid domestic work - the case of the service voucher in Belgium
    Anna Safuta & Beatriz Camargo - 
  4. Altın Günü’: migrant women’s social protection networks
    Başak Bilecen - 
  5. Re-writing the domestic role: transnational migrants’ households between informal and formal social protection in Ecuador and in Spain
    Simone Castellani & Emma Martín-Díaz - 
  6. Remote fatherhood and visiting husbands: seasonal migration and men’s position within families
    Kamila Fiałkowska - 
  7. Tightening early childcare choices – gender and social class inequalities among Polish mothers in Germany and the UK
    Karolina Barglowski & Paula Pustulka - 

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