Category: Journal CMS
Publisher: Springer
Library: Journal Comparative Migration Studies
Year: 2015
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In this special issue we bring together five papers that focus on family involvement and the educational success of children of immigrants. Given that family involvement is a multidimensional concept and includes parents as well as siblings as significant supportive actors within families, we purposively gave our contributors wide latitude in defining involvement through the family and the relationship to educational achievement within their papers. Consequently, the contributions describe various ways of family involvement, highlight reasons for it in familial discourse as well as how children perceive it and how it effects their educational achievements. Moreover, some contributions in this special issue extend the current discussion about family involvement by investigating simultaneously the supporting behavior of parents and elderly siblings. Our contributors apply rather different methods and datasets to examine the role played by family involvement for educational success by children of immigrants.


  1. Family involvement and educational success of the children of immigrants in Europe. Comparative perspectives
    Philipp Schnell, Rosita Fibbi, Maurice Crul, Martha Montero-Sieburth
  2. Parental involvement and educational success in Kosovar families in Switzerland
    Rosita Fibbi, Jasmine Truong
  3. Passing the torch to a new generation: Educational support types and the second generation in the Netherlands 
    Sara Rezai, Maurice Crul, Sabine Severiens, Elif Keskiner 
  4. The educational supports of parents and siblings in immigrant families 
    Laure Moguérou, Emmanuelle Santelli
  5. Behind the scenes: family involvement and educational achievements of second-generation Turks in Austria, France and Sweden 
    Philipp Schnell 
  6. “Is it Merit or Cultural Capital?” The role of parents during early tracking in Amsterdam and Strasbourg among descendants of immigrants from Turkey 
    Elif Keskiner 

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