Journal CMS

Comparative Migration Studies, Vol. 4, No. 2

Journal CMS
Journal Comparative Migration Studies


Comparative Migration Studies (CMS) is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal that provides a platform for articles that focus on comparative research in migration, integration, and ethnic studies. It presents readers with an extensive collection of comparative analysis, including studies between countries, groups, levels, and historical periods. CMS publishes research based on qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods and helps promote the theoretical development of migration studies. Contributions cover a wide disciplinary angle, from sociology to political science, anthropology to economics and law. Topics include: assimilation, migration policies, incorporation policies, governance of migration and integration, ethnic/cultural/religious diversity, migrant rights, gender and migration, migration and citizenship, migration and national identity, migration and security, civic integration, nationalism and migration, and ethnic entrepreneurship.


Comparing the labour market position of Poles and Bulgarians before and after migration to the Netherlands
Marcel Lubbers and Mérove Gijsberts

Deconstructing the meanings of and motivations for return: an Afghan case study
Marieke Van Houte, Melissa Siegel and Tine Davids

Conceptualising integration: a framework for empirical research, taking marriage migration as a case study
Sarah Spencer and Katharine Charsley

Bridging the qualitative-quantitative divide in comparative migration studies: newspaper data, and political ethnography in mixed method research
Liza M. Mügge

Eurocity London: a qualitative comparison of graduate migration from Germany, Italy and Latvia
Russell King, Aija Lulle, Francesca Conti and Dorothea Mueller


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