Category: Journal CMS
Publisher: Springer
Library: Journal Comparative Migration Studies
Year: 2016


This special issue addresses the question of how to understand the civic turn within immigrant integration in the West towards programs and instruments, public discourses and political intentions, which aim to condition, incentivize, and shape through socialization immigrants into 'citizens'. With an empirical focus on the less studied Scandinavian cases of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, it provides discussion and critical assessment of the (liberal) convergence thesis and its descriptive and explanatory claims. Contributions cover three policy areas outside the naturalization trajectory:  labour market activation, family reunification and the school, and also address the question whether civic integration policy actually works.


  1. Editorial: The civic turn of immigrant integration policies in the Scandinavian welfare states
    Karin Borevi, Kristian Kriegbaum Jensen and Per Mouritsen
  2. The civic integrationist turn in Danish and Swedish school politics
    Christian Fernández and Kristian Kriegbaum Jensen
  3. A ‘civic turn’ in Scandinavian family migration policies? Comparing Denmark, Norway and Sweden
    Emily Cochran Bech, Karin Borevi and Per Mouritsen
  4. Scandinavian exceptionalism? Civic integration and labour market activation for newly arrived immigrants
    Karen N. Breidahl
  5. Does citizenship always further Immigrants’ feeling of belonging to the host nation? A study of policies and public attitudes in 14 Western democracies
    Kristina Bakkær Simonsen

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