Category: IMISCOE Research Series
Publisher: Springer
Library: IMISCOE Research Series
Year: 2019


This open access book maps the youth transitions of descendants of migrants from Turkey living in Amsterdam and Strasbourg, through a comparative mixed-methods research design. As such, it is of interest to discussions in youth sociology, social mobility and second-generation research. The book follows transition trajectories of the second-generation, from school to activity or inactivity in the labour market, to marriage or further study and, deepens our understanding of transitions by unravelling the macro and micro mechanisms behind individual pathways. On the one hand, the author reveals the ongoing significance of distinct macro institutional settings as well as social structures such as social class, ethnicity and gender in shaping the youth transition experience. On the other, she shows that youth transitions are not predestined to social reproduction when institutional and social structures create conditions for the development of resources necessary for social mobility. Therefore, through an examination of how immigrants’ descendants develop forms of capital in their social trajectories, in relation to institutional and social structures, the book advances the theoretical discussion on Bourdieu’s capital theory. Moreover, in times when native-born descendants of immigrants are at the forefront of public debate being subjected to normative integration demands, the book significantly shifts the lens and draws our attention to the daily challenges and realities faced by ethnic minority youth.


  1. Youth Transitions of Descendants of Turkish Immigrants
    Keskiner, Elif
    Pages 1-26

  2. Prolonged Transitions: Early Tracking and Its Implications for Transitions
    Keskiner, Elif
    Pages 27-52

  3. Blurring of the Transition Point: Combining Work and Study
    Keskiner, Elif
    Pages 53-76

  4. Transition Decisions: Intersections of Social Class, Gender and Ethnicity
    Keskiner, Elif
    Pages 77-106

  5. A Typology of Transition Trajectories
    Keskiner, Elif
    Pages 107-137

  6. Conclusion: Developing Forms of Capital in Youth Transitions
    Keskiner, Elif
    Pages 139-147


  • This open access book compares the transition experiences of descendants of migrants from Turkey in Strasbourg (France) with Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Contributes to the general sociological debate on youth transitions, social inequality and social mobility of descendants of migrants
  • Engages in a theoretical discussion with youth sociology, social mobility and second-generation research


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