Category: IMISCOE Research Series
Publisher: AUP
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9789053568668
Library: IMISCOE Research Series
Year: 2006


Between 1991 and 2001, the size of Britain’s ethnic minority population increased by a full fifty percent. In that same decade, approximately one million immigrants settled in Britain. Similar patterns of migration and settlement are taking place in other European countries, such as Germany and France. The Dynamics of Migration and Settlement in Europe explores the causes and consequences of such massive changes in demography. Researchers at the IMISCOE–Network of Excellence (Immigration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe) bring together a wealth of theoretical and analytical research in this collection of essays addressing the many crucial questions that have arisen in the past two decades. Underlying these essays is a key concern for the healthy management of these new migration processes, as well as the eventual shape of the new societies that are just beginning to emerge.


1. Introduction
Rinus Penninx
2. International Migration and Its Regulation
Maria I. Baganha, Jeroen Doomernik, Heinz Fassmann, Sonia Gsir, Martin Hofmann, Michael Jandl, Albert Kraler, Matthias Neske and Ursula Reeger
3. Migration and Development: Causes and Consequences
Richard Black, Xiang Biao, Michael Collyer, Godfried Engbersen, Liesbeth Heering and Eugenia Markova
4. Migrants' Citizenship: Legal Status, Rights and Political Participation
Rainer Bauböck, Albert Kraler, Marco Martiniello and Bernhard Perching
5. Migrants' Work, Entrepreneurship and Economic Integration
Michael Bommes and Holger Kolb
6. Social Integration of Immigrants with Special Reference to the Local and Spatial Dimension
Olivier Asselin, Françoise Dureau, Lucinda Fonseca, Matthieu Giroud, Abdelkader Hamadi, Josef Kohlbacher, Flip Lindo, Jorge Malheiros, Yann Marcadet and Ursula Reeger
7. Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Diversity in Europe: An Overview of Issues and Trends
Steven Vertovec and Susanne Wessendorf
8. Identity, Representation, Interethnic Relations and Discrimination
José Bastos, Aitor Ibarrola-Armendariz, João Sardinha, Charles Westin and Gisela Will
9. Time, Generations and Gender in Migration and Settlement
Russell King, Mark Thomson, Tony Fielding and Tony Warnes
10. The Multilevel Governance of Migration
Giovanna Zincone and Tiziana Caponio
11. Conclusions and Directions for Research
Rinus Penninx

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