Category: IMISCOE Reports Series
Publisher: AUP
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9789053568880
Year: 2006


Citizenship is frequently invoked both as an instrument and goal of immigrant integration. Yet, in migration contexts, citizenship also marks a distinction between members and outsiders based on their different relations to particular states. A migration perspective highlights the boundaries of citizenship and political control over entry and exit as well as the fact that foreign residents remain in most countries deprived of core rights of political participation. This book summarizes current theories and empirical research on the legal status and political participation of migrants in European democracies.


Rainer Bauböck

1 Citizenship and migration – concepts and controversies
Rainer Bauböck

2 The legal status of immigrants and their access to nationality
Albert Kraler

3 EU citizenship and the status of third country nationals
Bernhard Perchinig

4 Political participation, mobilisation and representation of immigrants and their offspring in Europe
Marco Martiniello

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