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See our summary of meetings during the 11th annual IMISCOE conference in Madrid.



The basic idea of “Diversity, Migration and Social Cohesion” (Div/Mig/Soc) Research Network is to mobilize a group of researchers who study social diversity and its impact on social relations in various European countries in order to develop future activities and provide a platform for discussion.


Specific objectives of Research Network:


  • To systematically analyse ethnic diversity effects in a cross-national, multi-aspect perspective and to link this analysis with international migration studies.
  • To critically examine of the existing results on the links between diversity and social cohesion, taking into account the socio-cultural context, and deepen the knowledge on the conditions and causal mechanisms of the effects of diversity on social cohesion.
  • To study the differences across countries with long and short immigration history, namely, whether the effects of diversity on social cohesion and perceptions of diversity – including its acceptance – vary depending on the region and specific socio-cultural context.
  • To focus on the societal impacts of migration and the related with it diversification processes.
  • To develop a platform for discussion and knowledge exchange for researchers of a diversity effect originating from both Western and Central and Eastern European countries, which will result in delivering a collaborative grant proposal.
  • To contribute to the IMISCOE Research Network debates on international mobility, ethnic diversification and ‘diversity’ concept.





Dr. Agata Górny

Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw    

Dr. Aneta Piekut

SMI, University of Sheffield / Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw 

Dr. Sabina Torunczyk-Ruiz

Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw 

Dr. Inta Mierina   

Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia 

Dr. James Laurence 

Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Change/Sociology,, University of Manchester 

Dr. Thomas de Vroome 

Research and Documentation Centre (WODC), Ministry of Security and Justice

Dr. Susanne Veit

Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung,
Research Unit: Migration, Integration, Transnationalization

Prof. Josef Kohlbacher 

Austrian Academy of Sciences 

Dr. Ursula Reeger

Austrian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Philipp Schnell 

Institut für Soziologie
Universität Wien

Prof. Lucinda Fonseca

Centre for Geographical Studies, University of Lisbon

Dr. Jennifer McGarrigle Montezuma 

Centre for Geographical Studies, University of Lisbon

Prof. Ott Toomet

Department of Economics, Tartu University

Maxime Felder

University of Geneva

Department of Sociolog


Agenda of activities


  • Kick-off meeting of Div/Mig/Soc Research Group at 11th Annual IMISCOE Conferenfe, 28 August 2014, Madrid.
  • Creative workshop “New directions for Diversity and Social Cohesion Studies” at the 11th Annual IMISCOE Conference, 29 August 2014, Madrid.
  • Session “Diversity and Social Cohesion: New Approaches in Studies of Ethnic Diversity”, 12th Annual Conference of IMISCOE, 25-27 June 2015, Geneva.
  • Session “Perceived ethnic diversity: empirical results, theoretical issues, methodological approaches”, at the 13th IMISCOE Annual Conference, June 30-JULY 2, 2016, Prague.
  • Session “Social cohesion revisited – community cohesion and ethnic diversity”, 14th Annual IMISCOE Conference, 28-30 June, 2017, Rotterdam.



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