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The growing scale and increasingly diversified dynamics of international migration give rise to new questions about social protection. International migration in a globalised society involves transnational linkages and responsibilities with significant consequences for social policies and individual and collective social protection arrangements, whether in migrant sending or receiving societies. Formalised rights to social welfare are essentially a matter of national legislation grounded in assumptions of a relatively sedentary population. However, cross-border flows of material assets and cross-border dynamics of social support are central to the experience of social protection in many peoples’ lives, as highlighted by much literature on remittances and transnational care. Furthermore, international migration in the globalised society is intertwined with increased societal diversity. State provided social security and services are bound up with certain norms and expectations, not least with regard to family life and social relations across generations and between men and women. Increased diversity in the population challenges such assumptions immanent to social services. The tensions that emerge between varying degrees of sedentarism and mobility, and between different sets of norms, values and expectations, raise the need to better investigate the faceted nexus between international migration and social protection. An adequate research agenda should also take account of the typically disadvantaged position of immigrants in the social stratification of receiving societies, and of the relation between formal and informal social and economic support structures at local and trans-local level.


The overall objective of IMASP is to function as a platform for exchange and collaboration within the outlined field of research.


Agenda of activities

  • Research panels and a business meeting in the IMISCOE conference 2016
  • Publications out of IMASP activities
  • Research applications



IMASP have organised a series of workshops, both at the annual IMISCOE conferences (2012-2015) but also independently of these, this includes a round table on ‘Social Work Transnationalism’ on November 26–27, 2014 and a workshop on ‘Return Migration, Circular Migration and Social Work’ on October 15–16, 2015.


A selection of papers from the IMISCOE conference 2013 have been published as a special issue in Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies (Vol. 13, No. 3), and papers out of a round table discussion are in print as a mapping section in Transnational Social Review. A Social Work Journal (in print, Vol. 5, No. 3).