Anastasia Bermudez: Scientific Associate (Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies, University of Liege)


This Research Cluster brings together academics with experience and collaboration on the theme of the links between Europe and Latin America, and more specifically the transnational circulation of people, ideas and practices. The main aim of our proposal is to create and consolidate an international network of researchers to work together to develop a field of study focused on the ways in which Europe and Latin America are linked by human mobility, as well as by cultural, political and economic exchanges.

The specific objectives are three:

1) To create a formal structure that will allow us to strengthen the current network of international researchers working on these issues from different disciplines, institutions and countries, and expand it. Through the cluster we will design a common strategy aimed at producing new research, publications and other activities.

2) To fill a gap in knowledge. There has been growing research on migration links between Latin America and Europe. However, socioeconomic and cultural dimensions are usually the focus, while institutional, ideational and political issues generate less interest. Also, the current context in Europe and developments in Latin America have brought changes that need to be addressed.

3) To use IMISCOE seed funding to organise two research workshops that will allow us to set up as a formal research group, and to write and submit a joint research proposal (as well as other related actions). The last meeting will also be used to plan new ways to continue working as a formal research network.


Dr. Anastasia Bermudez: Scientific Associate (Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies, University of Liege) and ‘Ramón y Cajal’ Researcher (Department of Social Anthropology, University of Seville).

Dr. Diego Acosta: Senior Lecturer in Law (Law School, University of Bristol).

Dr. Angeles Escriva: Associate Professor (Department of Sociology and Social Work, University of Huelva).

Dr. Jean-Michel Lafleur: Associate Director and Research Associate (CEDEM, University of Liege).

Dr. Ana Margheritis: Reader in International Relations (Social Sciences: Politics and International Relations, University of Southampton).

Prof. Emma Martín: Professor of Anthropology (Department of Social Anthropology, University of Seville).

Dr. Natalia Moraes: Associate professor (Department of Sociology, University of Murcia).

Dr. Laura Oso: Senior Lecturer in Sociology (Department of Sociology, University of A Coruña).

Prof. David Owen: Professor of Social and Political Philosophy (Social Sciences: Politics and International Relations, University of Southampton).

Dr. Beatriz Padilla: Principal Researcher (Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology, Instituto Universitario de Lisboa).

Dr. Fabiola Pardo: Research professor (Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Externado University of Colombia).

Dr. María Villares-Varela: Lecturer in Sociology (Sociology Department, University of Southampton).

Maria Vivas-Romero: FRESH-FNRS Ph.D. candidate (CEDEM, University of Liege). 

Agenda of activities

The provisional agenda of our planned cluster activities goes as follows:

1) Virtual exchanges to organise the 1st workshop and define its agenda: April-June 2017.

2) First Workshop, 2-day event in Spain, to discuss the joint research proposal:  July 2017.

3) Draft exchanges, online group discussions:  August-November 2017.

4) Panel proposal submission to IMISCOE:  December 2017.

5) Second Workshop, 2-day event, in the UK:  January 2018.

6) Editing grant proposal and submission, plus discussion continuation of cluster:  February-March 2018. 


Although our Research Cluster has only just started working, we already have some collaborations under way or planned, including:

- The Migration@Southampton Research Network ( at the University of Southampton. This is a multi-disciplinary collective of researchers from the Faculties of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences and Humanities coordinated by Dr. Margheritis and with the participation of other members of the cluster designed to further research and collaboration on migration issues.

- The upcoming publication Shaping Migration between Europe and Latin America. New Approaches and Challenges (currently under evaluation by ILAS). This publication is led by Dr. Margheritis and several other members of the cluster are participating.

- The coordination of a special issue of the journal América Latina Hoy focused on the extra-territorial voting rights and practices of Latin American migrants in Europe (and beyond) (currently under evaluation). This project is led by Dr. Bermudez and Dr. Escriva and includes the participation of other cluster members.

- The project GOVDIV (funded by the FP7 PEOPLE programme) comparing the multilevel governance of diversity between Europe and Latin America, coordinated by Dr. Beatriz Padilla and Prof. Emma Martin and with the participation of other cluster members. During the next meeting in Buenos Aires at the end of April 2017, we will formally announce our new Research Cluster.

- The diverse activities organized by MIGRALAC, the Latin American and Caribbean Migration Network involving several UK-based universities. Dr. Villares-Varela is part of the steering commitee and other members of the cluster participate as well (

- The organization of two conference panels by members of the cluster for the upcoming IMISCOE Annual Conference in June 2017 in Rotterdam: “Increasing diversity in intra-European mobilities in a new political context” (led by L.Oso and A.Bermudez) and “Younger and older migrants’ forms of political engagement” (led by A.Escriva and A.Bermudez).