The IMISCOE Solidarity Fund

As a joint initiative of the IMISCOE PHD network and the IMISCOE Board of Directors we present to you the IMISCOE Solidarity Fund for scholars at risk. We strongly believe, as academics, that scientific work needs academic freedom without interference from governments. Academic freedom is often seen as a challenge by authoritarian regimes. At this very moment, regimes all over the world are targeting our colleagues, keeping them from pursuing their scientific objectives. Both academics and scientific endeavours are threatened by repressive measures in many countries. Therefore, IMISCOE initiated a solidarity fund for collective action, to support these academics.

The IMISCOE Solidarity Fund will actively build on the willingness of many IMISCOE member institutes to host researchers under threat. The initiative to host scholars will be the full responsibility of member institutes. The fund will be used to support IMISCOE member institutes that host or otherwise support academics under threat. In addition, IMISCOE has become an institutional partner network of Scholars at Risk which makes IMISCOE visible within this network and allows us to tap into available knowledge and resources.

How to apply to the fund?

The Solidarity Fund is available to all IMISCOE member institutes that are supporting scholars under threat. This can range from hosting a scholar in your institute, to referral, but also offering other services expressing our solidarity. The fund is dependent on initiatives by individual and institutional members. In order to receive money from the fund, member institutes are asked to submit a solidarity initiative proposal to the IMISCOE Network Office that includes the following information:

  • Details of the scholar(s) to be supported
  • A description of the threat or risk (maximum 1 page)
  • A description of the suggested assistance (maximum 1 page)
  • Short-term and long-term goals of the assistance
  • The estimated total amount needed
  • The estimated amount the member institute will provide
  • The estimated amount asked from the IMISCOE Solidarity Fund
  • The availability of alternative financial sources

Are you a scholar at risk?

We also want to offer individual scholars who work in the field of international migration and social cohesion and who are at risk themselves the possibility to reach out for support. For this, we would advise the concerned individuals to first establish contact with one of our member institutes and ask them to contact us.

The IMISCOE Solidarity Fund committee

The IMISCOE Solidarity Fund will be led by a committee consisting of a representative of the IMISCOE PhD network, the Executive Board and a Scholar at Risk. The committee will be responsible for:

  • Handling of funding applications of IMISCOE institutes
  • Promotion of the fund within IMISCOE
  • Contact with the Scholars at Risk network
  • A yearly activity report

We ask for your solidarity as IMISCOE member organizations and individual IMISCOE members

The IMISCOE solidarity fund has started in October 2017 with a modest initial funding of 8,000 EUR provided by IMISCOE. In order to be sustainable and offer long-term assistance we depend on the solidarity of IMISCOE member institutes and individual members who donate to the fund. Any amount counts!

Donations can be made to the IMISCOE bank account, through this link:

to the EUR payment form

We highly appreciate any donation.

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