•  Prof.dr. Peter Scholten (Erasmus University Rotterdam)


The aim of the IMISCOE Standing Committee ‘Research-policy dialogues on migration and integration’ is to reflect on the relation between research and policy in the field of migration and integration. The focus is on what is conceptualized as ‘research-policy dialogues’: ways in which research and policy engage in meaningful interaction.

This research group was established in 2008. It was a spin off from the former C9 cluster and a successful IMISCOE conference held on the topic in 2008 at the University of Twente. Since then, many achievements have been made through the collaboration between research partners in this cluster. This includes a research project awarded by the Volkswagenstiftung (DIAMINT, concluded in 2014), a number of journal articles, various conference panels at IMISCOE events as well as at several other academic conferences and most recently a book to be published in the IMISCOE research series. The research group was elevated to the status of standing committee in 2014.

Under the overarching theme ‘Research-policy dialogues’, the research group focuses its empirical work on three specific topics:

  • Research-policy structures. This involves a comparative analysis of how research-policy relations are organized in various countries and on various levels of government.
  • The use of knowledge and expertise in migration and integration policy making. This involves the policy role of expertise in different stages of the policy process (problem framing, policy formulation, policy implementation, policy evaluation) and different types of knowledge utilisation (instrumental, symbolic, conceptual, etc).
  • Policy dialogues and the development of migration research. This topic covers the impact of diverse policy settings on the development of migration research, in terms of structural (knowledge institutes, research infrastructures, degree of consensus or fragmentation in a field), methodological (quantitative/qualitative, desk research/in-depth research, etc.) as well as disciplinary developments (dominant disciplines, knowledge conflicts, knowledge paradigms).

For more information, see DIAMINT.


  • Prof.dr. Han Entzinger, Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Neths.)
  • Dr. Peter Scholten, Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Neths.)
  • Prof.dr. Gianni D’Amato, SFM, Universite de Neuchatel
  • Prof.dr. Rinus Penninx, Amsterdam University (Neths.)
  • Prof.dr. Friedrich Heckmann, EFMS (Ger.)
  • Prof.dr. Andrew Geddes, University of Sheffield (UK).
  • Dr. Maren Borkert, University of Vienna (Aut)
  • Dr. Albert Kraler, ICMPD (Aut).
  • Dr. Frank Lazcko, IOM (Sui)
  • Dr. Christina Boswell, University of Edinburgh (GB)
  • Dr. Tiziana Caponio, FIERI (Ita)
  • Prof.dr. Giovanna Zincone, FIERI (Ita)
  • Prof.dr. Marek Okolski, CMR (Pol.)
  • Dr. Magdalena Lesinska, CMR (Pol.)            
  • Dr. Patrycja Matusz, University of Wroclaw (Pol.)
  • Dr. Ricard Moren, University of Barcelona (Esp.)
  • Prof.dr. Cristina Gortázar, IEM (Esp.)
  • Dr. Carolina Parra Cartagena, IEM (Esp.)
  • Dr. Martin Bak-Jørgensen, Aalborg University (Dk.)
  • Mr. Ryo Kuboyama, Bielefeld University (Ger.)
  • Dr. Alistair Hunter, Edinburgh University

Agenda of activities



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  • Joint IMISCOE-ICPA symposium ‘Policy Learning at times of Crisis’, Erasmus University, November 2013.
  • DIAMINT Project Conference, 26-27 September 2013, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • Panel on ‘Science-society dialogues on migrant integration in Europe’ at the CES Conference Amsterdam, 25-27 June 2013
  • IMISCOE panel on ‘ Science-society dialogues on migrant integration in Europe’, , Amsterdam 28-29 August, 2012.
  • IMISCOE Conference ‘Research-policy dialogues on migrant integration in Europe’, University of Twente, June 2008.