Dr. Jens Schneider (University of Osnabruck; IMIS) 

Dr. Elif Keskiner (University of Amsterdam; IMES)

The financial responsibility rests at IMIS, Osnabrück.


Research with a focus on education has been a constant since the IMISCOE network started. But despite being a key topic for the issue of integration – in almost every policy document on a local, national or EU level education has been identified as a key domain in relation to the successful integration (of children) of immigrants in Europe –  only since 2012 the topic found a clear place within the IMISCOE network. Since 2012 the Research Group regularly held workshops at the Annual IMISCOE Conferences, and organized at least one additional event per year – mostly related to ongoing research projects involving a number its members. Since 2014 it is an IMISCOE Standing Committee. The main objectives of the Standing Committee are to stimulate:

(a) comparative research on the educational careers of children of immigrants: Many of us study school trajectories or careers (from pre-school up to higher education) rather than final school outcomes only. This type of research – which combines quantitative (longitudinal and retrospective surveys) and qualitative research – is gaining significance in Europe. Looking at education as a process, among other things, means to identify important national institutional arrangements in education and their interaction with family and community resources and peers at different points in time during the school careers. Some of the main initiatives in this field have been part of the group (e.g. TIES, Pathways to Success,  

(b) comparative research on social mobility and its connections with different relevant themes, such as identity, family resources, and the transition from education to work;

(c) exchange among the members to gain a better overview of the different national educational policies in place and the strategies to counter inequalities in education and to promote joint publication initiatives on a diverse range of topics. 

Members of the Standing Committee:

IMISCOE members:
Rosita Fibbi (SFM)
Rosa Aparicio-Gomez (Instituto Ortega y Gasset)
Martha Montero-Sieburth (IMES)
Chris Timmerman (University of Antwerp)
Alireza Behtoui (University of Stockholm)
Stephanie Condon (INED)
Emmanuelle Santelli (INED)
Laure Moguerou (INED)
Yaël Brinbaum (INED)
Michael Eve (University of Eastern Piemont)
Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger (University of Linz)
Elif Keskiner (CIMIC)
Pascal Beckers (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)
Arnfinn Midtbøen (Institute for Social Research, Oslo)
Andreas Pott (IMIS)
Zana Vathi (Edge Hill University)
Floris Vermeulen (IMES)
Marieke Slootman (IMES)

PhD students
Sara Rezai (CIMIC)
Ali Konyali (CIMIC)
Ismintha Waldring (Free University of Amsterdam)
Christine Lang (IMIS)
Reinhilde Pulinx (U Gent)
Agota Sanislo (SFM)

Non-IMISCOE members:
Sabine Severiens (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)
Peter Stevens (University of Gent)
Rick Wolff (RISBO)
Gloria Domínguez Alegría (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Dita Vogel (University of Bremen)

Agenda of activities

Since its foundation the SC has organised workshops at the Annual IMISCOE Conferences. Each time, there is also a meeting of the Standing Committee at which the members discuss new initiatives and organise the next activities. These meetings are also open to people interested in the SC’s activities and/or becoming a member in the future.

Currently, the SC works on the following themes:

Pathways to Success/ELITES is a comparative research initiative in six countries. The consortium has held various workshops and is currently preparing a book publication to be completed in the course of 2015. There will also be a journal special issue on the ELITES-part which is currently under revision. Visit the project's website is a large international FP7-funded research project organised by the University of Antwerp in which several SC-members actively participate.

Education & Poverty is an initiative that began in 2014 with a workshop at the IMISCOE Conference in Madrid and proposed another workshop for Geneva in 2015.

Diversification of the Teacher Force is an initiative that was developed together with the European SIRIUS Network on Migration and Education. It produced a workshop and a position paper together with the Network of Teachers with Immigrant Background in Northrhine-Westfalia in Germany for the Final Policy Conference of the SIRIUS Network. It also proposed a workshop for the conference in Geneva which is based on a joint book publication on transatlantic perspectives on teacher diversity to be published at SENSE Publisher in Toronto in 2016.

Other themes are under preparation or consideration and will be further developed during the SC-meeting in Geneva in June 2015.


Super-diversity / Generation Mix

Special issue of CMS on family resources

Special issue of New Diversities