• Eguren, Joaquín (Universidad de Comillas)
  • Montero-Siebuth, Martha (Amsterdam University College)
  • Mas Giralt, Rosa (University of Leeds)
  • García-Arjona, Noemi (Université de Rennes 2)


The Research Cluster Group “The everyday experiences of youth of migrant descent in Europe, US and Latin America and their integration, transnationalism and citizenship in the wake of the economic crises” was established in 2013.  In 2017, after the acquisition of Standing Committee status in IMISCOE, this group adopted the shortened and broader name of "Transnational families and youth and their everyday experiences" to accommodate the expanding interests of its members. With its collaborative work, the SC aims to address the intergenerational and everyday perspectives of migrant and later generation children and young people (between 8-25 years of age) and their (migrant / transnational) families. It also focuses on the informal learning perspectives (inter and intra community, schools, and informal settings), which intersect in the daily lives of these families. The SC expects to continue to expand its geographical coverage in terms of both migrant populations of interest and participant researchers.

When studying transnational migrant families and their descendants, we are concerned with engaging with the contributions that emerge from the relations between the South and the North and the many ‘Souths’ that are represented by not only geographic, but also socio-economic and cultural divisions.

Our current and future intent is to develop the scholarship on migrant incorporation processes of families and youth by working towards the following goals:

  1. Bring together researchers studying the everyday experiences of migrant and later generation children and young people (8 to 25 years of age) and their families to examine (1) the intergenerational dynamics of their processes of incorporation across different societies and (2) the informal learning which takes place at the home, street and community levels.

  2. Critically review the theoretical and methodological challenges of conducting family-centred research with migrants and/or their young descendants from a cross-disciplinary and intergenerational perspective, including the range of (participatory, mixed) methods employed in such research, its ethical implications and practical considerations.

  3. Create opportunities for joint publications, funding bids and specialized workshops that enhance existing cross-disciplinary knowledge and expertise in this area.

  4. Offer mentorship opportunities between senior and junior scholars in both presentations and in writing processes contributing to publications.

  5. Present the results of research and activities of the Standing Committee in relevant panels, seminars and events (IMISCOE and other scientific conferences).


  1. Alhadi, Hana, Institute of African studies Slovenia Center, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  2. Ammann Dula, Eveline, Berner Fachhochschule (Switzerland)
  3. Cabrera, Lidia, Universidad de la Laguna, Tenerife (Spain)
  4. Carles, Isabelle, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Institut de Sociologie – METICES (Belgium)
  5. Draghici, Carmen, Research Center EXPERICE, University Paris 13-Sorbonne (France)
  6. Hortas, Maria, Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Lisbon, (Portugal)
  7. Oso, Laura, University of A Coruña (Spain)
  8. Paraschivescu, Claudia, UR IPSE/Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Luxembourg
  9. Rem, Dana, ERIMIS (The Netherlands)
  10. Saksela-Bergholm, Sanna, Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki (Finland)
  11. Seidel, Franziska Anna, University of Kassel (Germany)
  12. Smith, Kate, University of Huddersfield (UK)
  13. Teixeira de Sousa Ribeiro, Joana Isabel, CES-UC - Center for Social Studies, University of Coimbra (Portugal)
  14. Turcatti, Domiziana, Amsterdam University College in Anthropology (The Netherlands)

Key Activities

IMISCOE Annual Conferences

August 2014 Organization and delivery of two workshops for the 11th IMISCOE Conference in Madrid: “Young people of migrant descent in Europe: membership, transnationalism and citizenship in the aftermath of the economic crisis”, one with a methodological focus and the other with an empiric-theoretical one.

June 2015: Organization and delivery of a workshop for the 12th IMISCOE Conference, Geneva, 25-27 June: “The methodological challenges of conducting research with children of migrants (including teenagers and young adults) within (transnational) families”.

June 2016: Organization and delivery of a panel for the 13th IMISCOE Conference, Praha 30 June-2 July: “Formal and informal learning practices of migrant and refugee families and youth”.

June 2017: Organization and delivery of a workshop for the 14th IMISCOE Annual Conference in Rotterdam, 28-30 June: “Critically exploring conceptualizations of ‘the Family’ and recruitment methodologies in research with migrant/transnational families”.

Joint publications: (led by the research group/Standing Committee)

November 2017: Publication of the special issue “Innovative research methodologies with migrant families, children and youth in diverse contexts” in the journal Migraciones, vol. 42 (2017). Coordinated by Martha Montero-Sieburth, Rosa Mas Giralt and Joaquín Eguren. Developed with the financial support of SOUNDS. Available in open access from:

Forthcoming February 2018: Publication of a special issue on : South to North Intercultural Dialogues: Cases and Experiences of the Second Generation in  the journal of Intercultural Education. Guest, Editor, Martha Montero-Sieburth.


September 2014: International seminar at the Ramon Llull University, Barcelona. Members of the research group presented at this International Seminar on topics related to “The construction of transnational and transcultural citizenships: Integration of children and young people of migrant descent”. 

April 2015: International workshop “South-North Dialogues on the children of migrants’ at the University of Leeds (UK), in collaboration with the International Network on South-North dialogues on children of migrants (SOUNDS).. This workshop brought together scholars from a range of Latin American and European countries and the US to share ‘national case studies’ focusing on the situation of the children of migrants in each participant country. For more information see: This workshop together with the work developed by the IMISCOE research group formed the basis for special section to be published in the journal Intercultural Education in February 2018.


For the 15th IMISCOE Annual Conference in Barcelona, 2-4 July 2018, we will organize two sessions:

Panel: "Emic Interpretations of Transnational Families and Youth in their Everyday lives  derived from Field Research and Practices: Life Histories, Reflexivity and good practices".

Workshop: Contemporary perspectives on migrant and transnational families and youth: open invitation to contributors for the development of an edited book

For 2018-2019:

  • Preparation of a joint publication on “Contemporary perspectives on migrant and transnational families and youth”.  It is an open invitation to researchers working on areas such as families who migrate, migrants’ [transnational] intergenerational and intimate relationships, migrant children’s and young people’s experiences and perspectives within families, who may be interested in contributing to an edited collection on these themes. Of particular interest will be reviews of the literature on contemporary families, case studies, unique methodologies employed with such families and emerging theory building.
  • “Seminar on Participatory Action Research and Integration Policy Interpretations carried out at Amsterdam University College (AUC), 18 March 2019.