Institutional placement: MIM, Malmö University

Coordinator: Maja Povrzanović Frykman  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The TRANSMIG - Transnational Practices in Migration research group was founded in collaboration between Stockholm University (CEIFO/Department of Anthropology) and The Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures (RICC), Manchester University, and joined by The University of Helsinki (CEREN/Swedish School of Social Science) and Malmö University (MIM). In 2009-2011 it has been placed at CEIFO, Stockholm University and led by Prof. Erik Olsson. Since 2012 it is placed at MIM, Malmö University and led by Prof. Maja Povrzanović Frykman.

The TRANSMIG Research Group

  • provides a platform for discussing and learning from empirical research on transnational migration;
  • generates new knowledge and perspectives in migration studies;
  • initiates and realizes publications falling under the main headings of Transnational Practices in Migration.

The central scientific aim is to promote a transnational perspective in migration research and deal with the methodological challenges posed by research on institutionalized and grassroots practices that transgress national borders. The workshops arranged by TRANSMIG bring together scholars engaged in empirical research of transnational practices.

The Group’s long-term aim is to continue publishing the TRANSMIG workshops-based articles in peer-reviewed journals and books, as well as to generally support the members’ publications and research applications by making use of intra-group peer-reviewing.

An important long-term aim is also to facilitate meetings of researchers at different stages of their careers and offer collegial help of senior and distinguished scholars to early stage researchers. The participation of PhD students is thus especially encouraged in all TRANSMIG activities.


Maren BORKERT (School of Economics and Management, Technical University Berlin)

Kathy BURRELL (School of Environmental Sciences, Geography, University of Liverpool)

Nina GLICK SCHILLER (Prof. emerita, Social Anthropology, University of Manchester UK; University of New Hampshire, US; Research Associate, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle; 2014; Visiting Distinguished Professor, University of Aalborg, DK)

Charlotta HEDBERG (Department of Geography and Economic History, Umeå University)

Kristýna JANUROVÁ (PEYCHLOVÁ) (Charles University)

Ingrid JERVE RAMSØY (MIM, Malmö University)

Russell KING (Department of Geography and Sussex Centre for Migration Research, University of Sussex)

Nauja KLEIST (Danish Institute for International Studies – DIIS, Copenhagen)

Joëlle MORET (Laboratory for Transnational Studies, University of Neuchâtel)

Katarina MOZETIČ (Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo)

Erik OLSSON (Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University)


Annika RABO (Dept. of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University)

Marta ROSALES (Institute of Social Sciences - ICS, University of Lisbon)

Ann RUNFORS (Södertörn University)

Sanna SAKSELA-BERGHOLM (The Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki)

Brigitte SUTER (MIM, Malmö University)

Östen WAHLBECK (The Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki)

Agenda of activities in 2017

Organising a panel at the 14th IMISCOE Annual Conference in Rotterdam, titled  “Transnationality as a resource for local social inclusions (TRANSMIG panel)”

Preparing a special issue titled “Transnational paradigm in current Nordic migration research: revisiting relations of unequal power” (eds. N. Glick Schiller and M. Povrzanović Frykman), to be submitted to Nordic Journal of Migration Research.

Providing intra-group peer-reviewing of work-in-progress.

Pursuing the networking that started at the occasion of the TRANSMIG workshop at the 13th IMISCOE conference, with the goal of outlining joint publications and research proposals with the novel research agenda concerning highly skilled migrants.



“Transnational migration: disciplinary impacts” (convened by M. Povrzanović Frykman and I. Jerve Ramsøy), Malmö, Jan 29-30, 2015.


“Highly skilled migrants: a future research agenda” (convened by M. Povrzanović Frykman), 13th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Prague, June 30 – July 2, 2016

“Materialised remittances and objects of aid: exploring sent and received things in times of crisis and hardship” (convened by M. Povrzanović Frykman and K. Burrell), 12th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Geneva, June 25-27, 2015.

“Transmig: everyday experiences of crisis in transnational and diasporic contexts” (convened by E. Olsson), 10th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Malmö, Aug 26-27, 2013

“Transnational perspective in current PhD projects” (convened by M. Povrzanović Frykman), 10th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Malmö, Aug 26-27, 2013

“Mobility practices within transnational migration” (convened by E. Olsson), 9th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Amsterdam, Aug 28-29, 2012

“The transnational life of objects: migrants’ material practices and their representations in museums” (convened by M. Povrzanović Frykman), 9th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Amsterdam, Aug 28-29, 2012

”Transnationalism and diasporas in a Nordic context” (convened by Ö. Wahlbeck), 16th Nordic Migration Research Conference, Turku, Aug 13-15, 2012

TRANSMIG workshop (convened by M. Povrzanović Frykman), Malmö, Dec 5-6, 2011

TRANSMIG workshop (convened by E. Olsson), Stockholm, May 11, 2011 (convened by E. Olsson)

TRANSMIG workshop (convened by E. Olsson) with three sessions: (i) Materiality, Space, and Power – Emerging Perspectives Beyond the National and Ethnic Lens of Migration Studies; (ii) State, policy and markets in a Transnational World; (iii) Kinship, Gender, and Generation in Disparate Transnational Spaces), Stockholm, Nov 4-5, 2010



Book Migration, transnationalism and development in South-East Europe and the Black Sea Region, eds. R. King, M. Povrzanović Frykman & J. Vullnetari, New York and London: Routledge, 2017 (ISBN 978-1-138-69572-6).


Special Issue ed. by E. Olsson & R. King, “Diasporic Return”, Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies 17(3), 2008 (published in 2014)


Special Issue ed. by R. King, M. Povrzanović Frykman & Julie Vullnetari, “Migration, transnationalism and development in South-East Europe and the Black Sea region”, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 13(2), 2013.


Special issue ed. by E. Olsson & F. Farahani, “Gender, Kin and Generation in Transnational Spaces”, Nordic Journal of Migration Research (NJMR) Vol. 2(2), 2012.

TRANSMIG members’ publications since 2014

BOOKS (selection)

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TRANSMIG members’ projects (selection)

Burrell, K . (2016-18) Co-Investigator, Doing Family Across Borders: A Comparative Study of Work, Family and Welfare Strategies among Polish Migrants in Norway, Sweden, and the UK, funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Burrell, K . (2015-17) Co-Investigator, Bringing the Aesthetics in: Migrants’ Relationships with Urban Space in Toxteth, funded by a British Academy Small Research Grant.

Janurová (Peychlová), K. (2014-2016) Influence of the extent of integration into the host society on the civic engagement and political participation of Czech post-1989 migrants in the transnational context of the EU. PhD project. Grant Agency of Charles University (project no. 138214).

Jerve Ramsøy, I. (2013-17) Power Relations and (Im)mobility: Affective Practices of Reproductive Labor and Transnational Migration. PhD project. Funded by MUSA/MIM, Malmö University.

Kleist, N. (2012-2015) Coordinator and principal researcher, New Geographies of Hope and Despair: The social effects of migration management for West African migrants - research programme. Funded by the Danish Research Council for Independent Research– Humanities.

Kleist, N. (2012-2015) Involuntary Return to Ghana. Research project, part of the research programme New Geographies of Hope and Despair (see above).

Moret, J. (2014-2016) Cross-border marriages under conditions of transnationalization and politicization. A case study in Switzerland. Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (project leader: J. Dahinden). Link:

Moret, J. (2008-2015) From Migration to Mobility Capital: European Somalis’ Cross-Border Movements and the Transnational Circulation of Resources. PhD project (Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation 2008-2012).

Olsson, E. (2011-2015) Swedish coordinator, Constructions of Home and Belonging – CoHaB, ITN network (Swedish partner). Funded by EU, Marie Curie. Link:

Olsson, E. (2015-2019) Pathways to success: the upcoming elite among descendants of migrants in Sweden. Funded by Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.

Povrzanović Frykman, M. (2016-18) Co-Investigator, Museums as arenas for integration – new perspectives and methods of inclusion, Dnr. project leader: C. Johansson, MIM, Malmö University).

Povrzanović Frykman, M. (2015-18) Cooperation partner on behalf of MIM, Malmö University: BASED - BAltischeStandards für die Erstintegration junger qualifizierter Drittstaatsangehöriger (AMIF, German Federal Office for Refugees and Migration).

Povrzanović Frykman, M. (2016-17) Co-Investigator, Exploring integration as emplaced practice (RFFAGDER, Project no. 257623, project leader: M-L. Magnussen, Agderforskning).

Povrzanović Frykman, M. (2015-16) Principal Investigator, Work-life balance and well-being among highly skilled migrants within the health sector in Agder (RFFAGDER, Project no. 245514, Agderforskning).

Povrzanović Frykman, M. (2015) Principal Investigator, The well-being of highly skilled migrants: the case of international physicians balancing work and migrant life in Skåne (Migrationens utmaningar programme).

Povrzanović Frykman, M. (2011-2014) The transnational life of objects: Material practices of migrants’ being and belonging (The Swedish Research Council).

Rosales, M. (2012-2015) Principal Investigator, Atlantic Crossings: materiality, contemporary movements and policies of belonging. Funded by FCT: PTDC/CS/ANT/119803/2010.

Saksela-Bergholm, S. (2016-2018).‘Bridge-builders of social protection. Recreation of social (in) equality through Filipino Migrants’ social support strategies’. Part of Transnationalism as a Social Resource among Diaspora Communities’ (2016-2020) led by Ö. Wahlbeck. Funded by Academy of Finland.

Suter, B. (2016-2019) Skilled migration to globalising China: An ethnographic study on migrants' incorporation, transnationality and national identity in Shanghai (Marie Curie COFAS Fellowship). Placed at Malmö University (advisor: Prof. Maja Povrzanović Frykman) and Fudan University Shanghai (advisor: Prof. Yuan Ren).

Suter, B. (2013- 2015) Lead researcher, Resettled Burmese and Somali refugees in Sweden. Funded by the European Refugee Fund.

Wahlbeck, Ö. (2016-2020) Transnationalism as a Social Resource among Diaspora Communities. Funded by Academy of Finland (no 295417). Link: