Throughout the year numerous IMISCOE events are organised, in the context of research clusters, publication events, PhD training, etc. The most important item on the annual agenda of IMISCOE is the annual conference, which has been organised every year since 2004 by one of IMISCOE's member institutes. This year's 13th Annual Conference took place in Prague. In 2018 the 15th Annual Conference will be organised in Barcelona on 2-4 July, 2018.

Besides the annual conference, every year IMISCOE also organizes a Spring Conference around a specific topic. This usually is a smaller conference around a very specific research theme that is considered essential to IMISCOE's research agenda. In 2018, the Spring Conference is to be organized by CMR in Warsaw. 

Overview of IMISCOE annual conferences:

2019 2011 Warsaw (CMR)
2018 Barcelona (GRITIM) 2010 Liege (CEDEM)
2017 Rotterdam (EUR) 2009 Stockholm (CEIFO)
2016 Prague 2008 Bilbao
2015 Geneva (SFM) 2007 Sussex (SCMR)
2014 Madrid (IUEM) 2006 Vienna
2013 Malmo (MIM) 2005 Osnabruck
2012 Amsterdam (IMES) 2004 Coimbra

Besides the IMISCOE annual conferences, various events are organised throughout the year. At least once a year a smaller academic seminar is organised by one of the IMISCOE member institutes. In addition, numerous events are organised by the various Research Groups and Standing Committees.