13th IMISCOE Annual Conference (Prague, June 30-July 2, 2016)

The 13th IMISCOE Annual Conference will take place in Prague, 30 June – 2 July 2016. The conference covers the theme ‘Migration and Development’ and will be organized by the Geographic Migration Centre (GEOMIGRACE) at Charles University in Prague.

This year’s conference received more than 400 proposals. After a rigorous review, the Conference Committee (chaired by Dušan Drbohlav of GEOMIGRACE) has accepted about 200 proposals for 84 sessions, including research panels, policy workshops, book workshops and a number of working sessions for IMISCOE’s research clusters and standing committees.

A first outline of the conference program is now available: you can download the conference booklet with the final program overview. Besides two keynote lectures (by Peggy Levitt and Ahmet İçduygu), the plenaries and the conference sessions, the conference will also host 3 semi-plenaries:

These will be held on Friday July 1st, 13.30-15.00. When you register for the conference you will be asked to select the session that you would like to attend.

Registration for the 13th IMISCOE Annual Conference can be completed via the online conference portal. The conference fee is € 200 (online payment with visa, mastercard, paypal or ideal).

Please note that registration is required for ALL participants; also if you have already paid your membership fee (either individual or via your institute) registration has to be done separately. If you have already paid for membership, you will automatically receive a fee waiver via the system. The conference fee includes participation in the conference, lunches, receptions and optional excursions. By paying your fee, you will automatically become a member of IMISCOE for a one-year period.

UPLOAD YOUR PAPERS: Participants can now also upload their full papers via the conference portal. The abstracts of all conference papers will also become available to all conference participants on the IMISCOE website.

The RINUS PENNINX BEST PAPER AWARD, in honour of the founding father of IMISCOE, is an annual award for the best paper submitted to and presented at the IMISCOE annual conference. The award is sponsored by the journal Comparative Migration Studies. An anonymous review committee decides on the allocation of the award. Besides the honour of receiving the award, the prize winner also receives €750,-- and the opportunity to publish the paper in the journal CMS.

To be eligible for the Rinus Penninx Best Paper Award, a final paper has to be uploaded on the conference portal or, alternatively, sent to the chair of your session before 26 May 2016. The panel and workshop chairs (chairs will be nominated and published at the second circular of the programme) can subsequently ‘nominate’ one paper per session for consideration for the RP Award.  

Accommodation in and around Prague
The conference committee recommends a number of (low-/mid-range) hotels near the conference venue.

Getting around in Prague
More information on the conference venue, on how to get there, and how to get around in Prague.

“Outside-of-the-regular” tourist tips in Prague and Czech Republic
If you are thinking about extending your trip to make the most of Prague and Czechia once you are there, consider our selection of tips for trips and events in and around Prague.

11th IMISCOE Annual Conference (Madrid, August 27-29, 2014)

The 11th IMISCOE Annual Conference covered the theme 'Immigration, Social Cohesion and Social Innovation.' The conference was organised by the IMISCOE partner IEUM in Madrid, 27-29 August 2014. This year's conference attracted a record number of participants; 375. 

Madrid Conference Panels & Papers  Conference program


12th IMISCOE Annual Conference (Geneva, June 25-27, 2015)

Rights, Democracy and Migration – Challenges and Opportunities

The 12th IMISCOE conference took place in Geneva, 25 27 June 2015. The conference covered the theme "Rights, Democracy and Migration", and was organised by the Institute for Demographic and Life Course Studies (University of Geneva), the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies (University of Neuchâtel) and the nccr – on the move.  The conference was held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of SFM, a long-standing IMISCOE member institute. The conference committee was chaired by Gianni D'Amato.



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