Structure of the PhD Network

The current structure of the IMISCOE PhD Network reflects three levels of involvement of the members. The first level is the formal representation of the PhD Network in the Board of Directors of IMISCOE and the main speaker outside the network. The second level is the Soundboard including members who are divided in the development of special projects, in advisory tasks and in the execution of current projects. The third level is composed by PhD Scholars all over the world who are interested in participating from our activities. The Workshop Committee is linked to the Soundboard; it organizes our main event at the Annual IMISCOE Conference.

  • PhD Representative: Cathrine Talleraas
  • PhD Soundboard: Elisa Palma Alves, Byeongsun Ahn, Ilona van Breugel, Sue Coccaro, Dorina Dedgjoni, Carmen Draghici, Eddy Bruno Esien, Ludek Jirka, Jolien Klok, Giulia Mezzetti, Sandra Muller, Sherene Ozyurek, Raktim Ray, Samuel Schimd, Carolin Schütze, Yvonne Siemann, Amanda da Silva, Stephan Simon, Mark van Ostaijen, Gabriela Petre, Ugur Yildiz, Eva Zschirnt
  • PhD students registered in the database of IMISCOE: 943 (updated October 2017)

Workshop Committee

The aim of the workshop is to provide helpful advice, insight and inspiration for PhD’s in the field of international migration, integration and social cohesion, which may prove useful in their project and beyond. The PhD Workshop 2016 in Prague focused on the academic skills relevant to PhD’s in Migration Studies, with the aim of developing strategies to increase motivation, stimulate the quality of scientific production, and increase options for the labor market. Besides the condition of being registered at the IMISCOE 13th Annual Conference, the participants were selected on the basis of a motivational abstract.  In total, 32 PhD’s from various countries participated in the workshop. Speakers at this workshop included Pedro Gois, Maria Schiller and Valentina Mazzucato. The Workshop in Geneva was attended by more than 30 PhD’s from all over the world. Speakers at this workshop included: Maarten Vink and Costica Dumbrava, Janine Dahinden, Russell King and Blanca Garces.

Besides the training activity, the members of the PhD Network engage in some other working committees:

Insights - PhD Blog Team

The IMISCOE PhD blog forms a platform to share insights from the field of migration research, and is completely run and written by PhD students from our network. The content varies from interviews with scholars, reports on the latest conferences and meetings and theoretical contributions from our members. If you want to contribute to the blog, either by an incidental written contribution or by joining our team, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Teaching Reflections

This team draws attention to the teaching and educational skills of PhDs. This Teaching Committee indicated that most of us are or will be engaged in teaching activities and have little opportunity to reflect on this part of our academic lives, especially in an interdisciplinary or international context. We think about ways to exchange, learn, inspire and motivate each other to do better teaching in the future, especially regarding teaching on migration and integration issues.

Nexus - Networking inside IMISCOE

We are creating a database of all PhD Groups active inside the institutional members of IMISCOE. We would like to organize some common projects together, to support each other and to create research groups across PhDs in several countries/institutions. Besides, we will contribute to link experienced professors with young and brilliant PhDs for mentoring according to similar topics, methodologies or other affinities.

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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