The IMISCOE PhD Network aims to strengthen research and network opportunities for doctoral researchers in the field of migration. The Network has several dedicated working groups, each with active members who plan and carry out activities relevant for PhD migration scholars. The PhD Representative coordinates the work carried out by the working groups, and functions as the contact point between the PhD Network and the IMISCOE Network. In October 2017 there were 943 PhD students registered in IMISCOE’s Database.

The current PhD Representative is Cathrine Talleraas.

The Working Groups

There are four working groups in the PhD Network. These are the Workshop Committee[CT1] , the Blog Team, the Teaching Reflections Team, and the Nexus Team. Each working group has a coordinator and several actively engaged members. In addition to the working groups, there’s a team responsible for social media platforms, and an advisory team made up of former members.

Together, the working groups, the teams, and the Representative make up the PhD Soundboard – which functions as the board of the IMSCOE PhD Network. More information about the different working groups is provided below.

Workshop Committee

The aim of the IMSICOE PhD workshop is to provide helpful advice, insight and inspiration for PhD’s in the field of international migration, integration and social cohesion. The workshop is organized by PhD students for PhD students, and they take place at the IMISCOE Annual conference.  The Workshop Committee seeks to make the workshop useful for PhDs’ both as part of their projects and for their future careers.

Since the initial workshop in Geneva 2015, the IMISCOE PhD workshop has been a growing success, with a steadily growing number of participants and very positive feedback. All PhD students attending the Annual Conferences can register for the PhD Workshop free of charge.

Topics for the workshops have included:

  • Academic publications
  • Inspiration for Teaching
  • Networking at academic conferences
  • Research funding
  • Sessions for PhDs in the beginning of their PhD and more advances PhDs
  • Sessions on specific topics, such as “Migration, Citizenship and Political Participation”, “Transnationalism”, “Post-Migration Urban Settings” or “Mixed Methodology”

 This far we’ve been lucky to be supported by great speakers, most of whom are also active members in the IMISCOE network:

  • Jørgen Carling
  • Janine DahindenC
  • Costica Dumbrava
  • Blanca Garces
  • Pedro Gois
  • Russell King
  • Valentina Mazzucato
  • Christof van Mol
  • Sawitri Saharso
  • Maria Schiller
  • Esther Verhoeven
  • Maarten Vink

The next IMISCOE PhD Workshop will take place during the 15th IMISCOE Conference 2018. We are already looking forward to Barcelona!

 If you have any questions about the PhD workshop or the workshop committee you can contact the committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current members

Elisa Palma Alves
Sandra Muller
Gabriela Petre and Eva Zschirnt

Blog Team – PhD Insights

The IMISCOE PhD blog forms a platform to share PhD relevant insights from the field of migration research. It is completely run and written by PhD students from the Network. The content varies from interviews with scholars, reports on the latest conferences and meetings and theoretical contributions from our members. If you’re up for an interesting read, you can check out some of the blogposts at

If you’re interested in contributing to the blog, get in touch here.   

Current members

Ilona van Breugel
Sue Coccaro
Jolien Klok
Yvonne Siemann
Stephan Simon and Ugur Yildiz.

Teaching Reflections

Several PhDs are or will be engaged in teaching activities, although they have little opportunity to reflect on this part of their academic lives. This may particularly be the case in interdisciplinary or international contexts. The Teaching Reflections group is therefore established to think about ways PhDs can exchange, learn, inspire and motivate each other to improve their teaching and mentoring skills. The group focuses in particular on teaching that deals with migration and integration, although it is not restricted to teaching in these thematic fields.

Current members

Dorina Dedgjoni
Sherene Ozyurek
Raktim Ray and Amanda da Silva

Nexus - Networking inside IMISCOE

The Nexus Team aims at connecting all PhD students working on the broader themes of migration beyond the annual IMISCOE conference.  In order to collectively support each other, exchange our experiences and widen our network on migration studies we aim at establishing two goals:

  1. We intend to give the possibility to all PhDs (inside and outside the member institutes of IMISCOE) to network around specific topics and/or within their regions.
  2. Through the ‘Intergenerational Feedback’ (IF) sessions organised at the annual conference, we aim at bridging PhD students with experienced scholars for constructive critique in an interdisciplinary and international context. Besides the sessions organised during the conference, we encourage long term collaborations that can continue beyond the IMISCOE events. 

Current members

Byeongsun Ahn
Carmen Draghici
Eddy Bruno Esien
Giulia Mezzetti and Carolin Schütze

Social Media and Advisory Board

The PhD Network has an active Facebook group and a Twitter account. We welcome all interested PhDs in becoming members of the Facebook group, and to follow us on Twitter. We post news that are relevant to IMISCOE, migration research and PhD life in general. The PhD Network’s Advisory Board is made up of previous PhD Representatives, and members of the Soundboard in the preceding year.

The history of the PhD Network

When IMISCOE was landed in Rotterdam in 2013 and the official launch was presented at Hotel New York in Rotterdam, some PhDs asked themselves: why isn’t there a PhD network? This question resulted in a small workshop in the IMISCOE conference in Madrid in 2014. Many scholars attended and the initial urgency of creating a PhD Network was widely shared. It evolved into new proposals in Florence, and finally a launch of the PhD Network at the Geneva conference in 2015.

The PhDs who were involved in this process shared the experience that they worked on their own, but that they did not work isolated from each other. PhD scholars share professional, ethical and personal concerns about research, teaching, and future careers. Therefore, collaboration within the broad, diverse and lively PhD community in IMSICOE had a huge potential. From the start, the creation of a PhD Network was largely stimulated by senior members of the IMISCOE network while PhD scholars were actively engaged in the creation process. The seniors made space for the juniors to create and develop an organisation that they, as a PhD community, thought would be useful for future doctoral researchers in the field of migration.

The current activities of the PhD Network stems from that initial urge of a few PhDs at Hotel New York, in Rotterdam 2013. Hotel New York, which originally was the point of departure for thousands of migrants going from Europe to the United States, thus became the point of departure for the PhD Network - the community for PhDs in the field of migration.


 IMISCOE PhD Network

 Hotel New York, in Rotterdam


Do you want to get engaged in the PhD Network?

As a PhD member of IMISCOE or registered in the IMISCOE PhD Database, you receive PhD news as separate newsletters and as part of the IMISCOE newsletters. Information on future and past events are included in the newsletters. You can also take up an active role in the PhD Network, and become a member of the Soundboard.  There’s always room for more engaged members to help with the further development of the Network. The annual uptake of new active members follows the IMISCOE Annual Conference. If you want to get engaged in the PhD Network, send an email to the PhD Representative or get in touch during the conference. 

Contact us!

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Twitter: @IMISCOEphd





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